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Ziften brings Linux, MacOS threat intelligence to Windows ATP

Endpoint security specialist Ziften has joined Microsoft’s Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Advanced Hunting project, further integrating protection for Windows, MacOS and Linux environments.

Ziften originally announced in November 2017 that it had integrated its Zenith systems and security operations platform with Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

That move led to Ziften opening an Australian office in March 2018 and the appointment of Greg Kieser as country manager for ANZ.

Ziften SVP of marketing Roark Pollork, said Microsoft Australia had been one of the first branches to take advantage of this integration. In a briefing session at a NetEvents Forum in San Jose, Pollork said that Microsoft’s Australian team “was the first in the world to bring Ziften on in a big way”.

“So Australia and New Zealand were the first countries where we started working with Microsoft,” Pollork said. “We now have a distributor in Australia, Instentra and we are developing new resellers through Instentra.”


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