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ZFS on Linux data loss sparks small, swift upgrade • The Register

Maintainers of ZFS on Linux have hustled out a new version after the previous release caused data loss.

ZFS on Linux 0.7.7 only landed on March 21st, but as this GitHub thread titled “Unlistable and disappearing files”, users experienced “Data loss when copying a directory with large-ish number of files.”

The bug meant that attempts copies produced errors that claimed the filesystem was full and resulted in files just not arriving at their intended destinations.

Users verified the problem under a few Linuxes and quickly debated whether to roll back or wait for relief.

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Oracle ZFS man calls for Big Red to let filesystem upstream into Linux


While they chatted the culprit was found in the form of this commit. It’s since been excised and ZFS on Linux 0.7.8 released with its removal the only change.

The new version was created with impressive speed: the thread reporting the bug was started on April 7th 2018 and the fix landed three days later. So even though three reviewers signed off on the cruddy commit, the speedy response may mean it’s possible to consider this a triumph of sorts for open source. ®

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