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YouTube is giving back some control over what you want to watch

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The YouTube algorithm can be a great asset for finding new channels and content to watch, but sometimes it is entirely off-base. Google is looking to improve this by offering a topic selector tool on the homescreen and Up Next sections.

The categories and topics get pulled from videos and channels you’ve previously watched and subscribed to.

You can see the new feature in action below. The topics feature is rolling out now to English-speaking Android users. It will be available in other languages and on iOS and desktop “soon.” 

YouTube Choose Categories Option Homescreen and Up Next YouTube

YouTube is also allowing users to find out why a particular video is being promoted to them and then choose to have a channel not recommended. All of this can be accomplished by clicking on the three-dots below or alongside each video. 

The option to remove suggestions will be popping up for both Android and iOS users today. The learn more feature is only coming to iOS today but will make its ways to other platforms shortly.

Previous YouTube updates

Users can try out lipsticks showcased by beauty vloggers

May 28, 2019: YouTube is reportedly working on the ability to try lipstick in its mobile app, using augmented reality to bring the feature to life. The app will allow users to try lipstick samples seen in beauty videos from specific partners. Users will see a “try on lipstick” button which opens your selfie camera and applies virtual lipstick.

Google tweaks YouTube design

May 2, 2019: YouTube is getting a tweaked design on mobile and desktop, and it’s meant to cut down on distracting elements. The company adds that it’s using a framework called Polymer for the tweaked design, saying it’ll allow for features to be added at a faster pace.

Fact checks for suspicious searches

March 7, 2019: YouTube has started a new notification system that pops up fact checks when people perform searches using flagged terms. For example, someone could be looking up whether or not a particular drug is safe, unaware of the fact that there’s an online hoax happening related to that drug. In that person’s search results, an “information panel” will appear which will give that user some helpful information.

Comments disabled on videos featuring minors

February 28, 2019: Google is disabling YouTube comments on nearly every video on the platform which features at least one minor. According to the company, Google is instituting the huge alteration to YouTube comments due to “predatory behavior.”

YouTube dark theme on Android

September 5, 2018: YouTube dark theme first showed up in an APK teardown at the very beginning of 2018, and then arrived on iOS devices in March of this year. Now, finally, Android users will have the ability to cut down on the bright whites throughout the YouTube app.

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