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Xiaomi reveals 64MP phone details, confirms 108MP device is coming

A 64MP and 108MP Xiaomi device is coming. Xiaomi

48MP sensors are one of the major themes in 2019 thus far, as loads of brands offer the ultra high resolution camera option. We already know that Xiaomi and Realme plan to up the ante with 64MP sensors, and the former company has just revealed a few more details.

Xiaomi held an event in China today, once again confirming that it will launch a 64MP smartphone under the Redmi brand. The smartphone colossus will indeed be using the Samsung GW-1 sensor, which is the only 64MP smartphone sensor announced thus far.

Furthermore, Xiaomi noted in a press release that the phone will debut in India in Q4 2019. This means there’ll likely be two 64MP phones in India in Q4, as Realme will be showcasing its device tomorrow (August 8). Much like Xiaomi, it’ll be using the Samsung GW-1 sensor.

The GW-1 sensor offers a 1/1.7 inch sensor size, enabling the same 0.8 micron pixel size as 48MP sensors. The GW-1 is capable of delivering pixel-binned shots that are roughly equivalent to a 16MP 1.6 micron camera as a result. Meanwhile, 48MP sensors generally offer pixel-binned pictures that are similar to 12MP 1.6 micron sensors.

Samsung’s 64MP sensor also offers support for hardware-enabled HDR at up to 100 decibels. It’s claimed that conventional sensors offer HDR that tops out at around 60 decibels, which suggests that we can expect richer HDR snaps.

This isn’t the only announcement Xiaomi made at the event, as the firm also revealed on Weibo that it’s working on a 108MP phone. The news comes several months after MySmartPrice first reported on 100MP+ sensors coming to market. Samsung and Xiaomi didn’t reveal any more information about the sensor, aside from the 12,032 x 9,024 resolution. Check out a screenshot below.

A 108MP sensor announced by Xiaomi and Samsung. Xiaomi Weibo

Given the Samsung watermark on the image in question, it stands to reason then that the Korean company is behind the 108MP sensor. We’re expecting a 108MP sensor to offer 27MP pixel-binned snaps, in addition to full-resolution images in broad daylight.

An ultra high-resolution sensor like this will also need a corresponding increase in sensor size if pixel size (and therefore low-light quality) is to remain the same as 48MP and 64MP cameras. Otherwise, you’re simply left with large file sizes and inferior low-light quality compared to even 48MP snappers.

We don’t have any more information about the 108MP phone, but the company usually launches the Mi Mix series in the second half of the year. Would you buy a 64MP or 108MP smartphone? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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