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Xiaomi announces $15 wireless charging mat

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging

  • Along with the Mi Mix 2S, Xiaomi also announced a Qi-compatible wireless charging mat.
  • The mat delivers a maximum charge of 7.5W.
  • It will sell for around $15, though it is unknown whether it will be available outside of China.

Somewhat buried among the dual cameras and improved internals is the Mi Mix 2S being the first Xiaomi smartphone to offer wireless charging. To celebrate the occasion, the company announced its own wireless charging mat to compliment the phone.

Spotted by Android Central, the mat supports the Qi specification and delivers a maximum charge of 7.5W. That is enough to get the Mi Mix 2S from dead to full in three hours, according to Xiaomi.

That 7.5W maximum charge might not be the highest in the market, but keep in mind that the mat costs 99 yuan (~$15). The price compares very favorably to Mophie’s and Belkin’s wireless pads, which deliver the same wattage for over three times the price.

The mat also compares favorably to Samsung‘s offerings, which all cost at least twice as much as Xiaomi’s.

The only unknown is whether Xiaomi’s wireless charging mat will be available outside of China. It could end up being sold in regions where the Mi Mix 2S will be available, which means no U.S. on that list.

Then again, Xiaomi has quietly sold several products through Amazon in the U.S., including a power bank, headphones, cameras, and even an electric scooter. As such, Xiaomi deciding to sell its wireless charging mat as a way to further test the waters is realistic.

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