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Woow !! Body Weight Down 17 Kg in Just 1 Month Check the Method

How to lose weight down 17 Kg in just 1 month see the method. Hello blogger friend met again with the admin of the code this time the code champ admin will provide personal experiences that have been experienced when weight gain increased. Maybe you will wonder how or for those of you who have a hard time losing weight maybe these tips are suitable for those of you who want to be very quick to lose weight in just a month.

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For those of you who are very difficult to lose weight these tips are suitable for you, you can try of course at home then what are the keys to losing weight in a month down as much as 17 kg. For friends who are curious, please see the key to losing weight in a month, it can go down by 17 kilos.

1. Determination and discipline.

 Diet determination and discipline to lose weight "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 640 "data-original-width =" 960 "height =" 426 "src =" https: // 2.bp.blogspot.com/-0RnJcmsRpyw/XEr-IAl5kiI/AAAAAAAAEoQ/-5CFIjrIOmggari9N3FqNS19cULQ3wCLcBGAs/s640/Tekad%2Bdan%2Bdisciplin%2BDiet%2BLowering%2BBer%2BBadan.jpg "title =" Determination and discipline of Diet for Weight Loss "width = "640" /> </a></div>
<p> We have to admit that the only key to success in losing weight or diet is determination and discipline, sometimes the method is not enough because if it is not accompanied by great intentions and high commitment, everything you do it in vain, it could be that in the next 1 month your weight really drops. </p>
<p> But after you lose weight then it causes excessive appetite. Even at that time the weight drops 17 kilograms. Then rose to 30 kilos. Then why can it be like this. If observed with sex And this is what we call intention. So the intention is not only used to lose weight but the intention of the heart is needed to maintain the stability of the weight that we have lowered before. </p>
<p> This is the factor that causes you forever to fail the diet. For this reason it must be considered before you decide to lose weight. Because if the intention is not yet better, it should be undone first. Efforts are really needed when we want to succeed in losing weight. Because it is impossible for our bodies to suddenly thin themselves if we do not try to reduce them. </p>
<p><b> <span style= 2. Reduce consumption of rice and fatty foods in large quantities.

 Reduce consumption of large amounts of rice and fatty foods. Natural DIET "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 640 "data-original-width =" 960 "height = "426" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LzOr9um2Sio/XEr_FeBnelI/AAAAAAAAEoY/5gFNTW__Crw7gFDHRKwMSRsr052ER-slACLcBGAs/s640/Kurangi%2Bkumsi%2Bnasi%2Bdan%2Bmakan%2Bberak%2Bdalam%2Bjas%2Bdanyak%2Bj%%BBanyak%2BDIET % 2Balami.jpg "title =" Reduce the consumption of large quantities of rice and fatty foods natural DIET "width =" 640 "/> </a></div>
<p> At point 2 this is a method. In trying to reduce our weight, we always haunted by endless satiety and endless hunger, it doesn't feel like eating if there is no rice, that's how the expression of a person who has a large stomach and the habit of eating rice is usually the expression. rice in very large amounts portion of rice fatty food is a factor that makes our body store excess fat levels or in other words excess of the recommended portion. If you want to lose weight quickly. So limit the portion of rice or you could say for rice consumption if it can be very little. Try to stop if you really feel full. </p>
<p> Actually, in a good method of eating it is to eat while hungry stop before full. This is not a principle. However, several studies have shown that weight will increase if the stomach experiences more fullness than usual. Meal method As above it is an example to get used to avoiding excessive satiety. For that, Eat as needed if you feel full, then stop. It is not good to force the body to spend food </p>
<p><b> <span style= 3. Set hours and eating patterns


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