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Women More Easily Anemic Disease

Women More Easily Anemic Disease. For you you women should you be wary of anemia. Research has been done in the United States 20% of women of childbearing age have anemia. Anime that is more prevalent in women. Age is prone to anemia is between 12 to 50 years is due to the age of women experiencing pregnant menstruation and breastfeeding pregnancy and diet are often done. Elderly women with poor diet are particularly susceptible to anemia due to lack of iron.

Indonesia itself suffered from anemia high enough household health survey data in 1995 mentioned iron-deficient anime ranged from 40 to 60% in various age groups. Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent problem in the world today over 700 million sufferers. This anemia is a serious public health problem that affects the physical and psychological development of behavior change and work quality.

Although the numbers are very high but because the anime-generated phenomenon is often only a very simple phenomenon so it is not uncommon without us We already have anemia. The initial symptoms if you have anemia are when you are easily weak lethargic fatigue and negligent (5l). In addition, the symptoms of anemia that is easy to find is your face looks pale palms No red hands often dizzy eyes can not concentrate the nails are not easily broken canker sores and painful chest tightness. If the symptoms of your iron deficiency symptoms in you should immediately consult your doctor confidence.

Drugs to prevent the anemia you need are consuming foods containing iron like spinach cassava cassava kangkung regular sports enough to rest and consume supplements containing vitamins and iron like Sangobion. Understanding drug supplements that contain not only iron but also contains folic acid vitamin B12 to form red blood cells. Vitamin C to help the absorption of iron so HB blood levels will return to normal.

Septa folic acid to add blood and help iron to be absorbed by blood. Do not underestimate it if you do not want Experiencing a decrease in the power of thought and spirit of achievement work productivity and vitality susceptible to premature baby preterm illness or with low body weight. Maybe it's time you reflect on taking supplemental iron supplement because as well as any diet you do not all the nutrients and iron content that can easily be absorbed by the body


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