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Windows 10 Pro Only 169MB? These are the 5 Advantages of Using Original Software

Windows 10 is indeed a prima donna at this time, even arguably Windows 10 is the best Operating System ever.

What makes Windows 10 better than its predecessor, like Windows 7 or Windows 8? Of course there are some advantages to Windows 10 compared to its predecessors. What's the matter?

The Advantages of Windows 10 compared to Previous Windows

1. Compatible on All Devices

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Windows 10 has advantages in terms of compatibility from previous Windows. All kinds of applications on Windows 10 can be run on various types of devices guys. So it's not only on Laptops or Computers, but also on Smartphones and Tablets.

That way the application developers must make applications that are responsive and can adapt to a variety of devices which of course have different screen sizes – different too.

2. Comfortable View & Minimal Error

Not only in terms of compatibility, Windows 10 also has advantages in terms of appearance. Marked by the return of the 'Start Menu' button in the lower left corner.

This seems to answer the weaknesses of Windows 8 before which was felt confusing users, especially for Windows 7 users. By that, Windows 10 has a Windows 8 look and ease like Windows 7.

Windows 10 users not only can make more than one desktop screen, but also can display more than one application on a desktop screen.

The new interface feature of Windows 10 allows users to display more than one application at the same time. Users can also easily move from various types of applications displayed.

3. Anti-lag & Hang, Suitable for Gamers

 Anti-lag & Hang, Suitable for Gamers

For those of you who like to play games, laptops and computers with a qualified OS are absolute things. The presence of Windows 10 seems to be the answer for those who crave a comfortable OS to play games.

This is because Windows 10 is equipped with the Game Mode feature. The Game Mode feature allows users to adjust resources on the CPU and GPU. With this feature, users can feel the sensation of playing games on a PC that is no less cool than playing using a console.

4. A More Powerful Windows Store

One of the default features of Windows 10 that made it superior to Windows before was the presence of the Windows Store.

Windows Store serves as a place to shop for all kinds of application needs for Windows 10 devices that we use, both in laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones.

In the Windows Store you can download all kinds of digital content needed, such as applications, games, music, movies, and so on. Same with the Google Play Store function on Android smartphones.

5. There is a Digital Assistant Named Cortana

 Assistant Digital Cortana

Cortana is a personal digital assistant capable of detecting voice commands and can help users in many ways. Cortana can be instructed to open applications, create schedules, play songs, translate words, look for documents needed, or just be invited to "chat".

Well, that's some of the advantages of Windows 10 compared to its predecessor Windows. Indeed, with Windows 10 everything feels easier, especially there is Cortana that can simplify our work.

Unfortunately nowadays there are many sites that provide pirated software that you can easily access via the internet . Even Windows that is a favorite OS is not spared from the hands of the hijacker.

That way you will be easier to install the desired software without paying a penny. But the question was, " Is using pirated Windows safe? "

The answer is clear, it's not safe, guys. Then, what are the dangers that can threaten users of Pirated Software?

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Danger of Using Pirated Software

1. Lack of Security

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It is clear that pirated Software users are more vulnerable to hacking than those using Original software.

Of course that can happen because Pirated Software is not completely similar to Original software. It could be that the pirated software that you downloaded has been infiltrated with spyware or malware that can threaten your privacy.

2. Not Optimal Computer Performance

Because pirated software is not entirely similar to the original software, of course it can make your computer's performance not optimal.

Moreover, if you use pirated software, it has been inserted by malicious programs that can disrupt the stability your device. Therefore, don't try using pirated software!

3. There is no guarantee of privacy

 There is no guarantee of privacy

As I explained before, Pirated Windows is certainly lacking in security that can interfere with the privacy issues that we have. Do not let because using illegal programs, your privacy is actually threatened by irresponsible individuals.

4. Can be Affected by Illegal Software Raids

Illegal goods are certainly against the law, not to mention Software. Even the Officials also often enforce the law for this matter.

Usually frequent raids that target illegal software users, one of which is pirated Windows. The most frequent thing is certain that you are at the airport.

If you go to the airport and bring a laptop containing pirated software, get ready to be caught!

5. Criminal Threats

 Criminal Threats

If caught as a result of carrying a laptop containing an illegal program, certainly prison is in sight.

In any country Pirated Software must be banned and targeted by law enforcement . Illegal Windows users can of course be ensnared by this and the penalty is of course prison. Then what steps can you take to avoid pirated software? Yaps, absolutely right, bought the original license.

" Indeed there are advantages, yes, if you use Original Software, like Windows 10 Original? "

Yes, there are advantages. If you want to know what benefits you can get from using Windows Original, immediately see this!

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Benefits of Using Original Windows

1. Permanent and Easy Activation

Easy Permanent Activation ” width=”501″ height=”297″/>

When you activate the Original license, the license will automatically be activated forever. For how to activate Windows 10 it is also quite easy, you only need to enter the Serial Number that you have just bought guys.

2. Not Afraid of Windows Update

Usually pirated Windows users choose to be reluctant to update their Windows because the cracks they use will disappear.

But for those of you who use Windows Original, there's no need to be afraid of Windows Update. So you can get the updated version continuously.

3. Full Support from Microsoft

 Full Support from Microsoft

Now, if there are problems with Windows that you use, then you don't need to be afraid to ask Microsoft. Your license will be safe because it's original and of course legal. What? It's really good if you use Windows 10 Original.

4. Safer

Why do I say it's safer to use Windows Original? Because if you use pirated Windows, you can use cracks containing malware or files that can damage or even spy on your personal data.

Moreover, using cracks, there are programs that should run normally, but on Windows pirated does not work as it should. Therefore, I suggest you start switching to Windows Original compared to using pirated Windows.

5. Not Afraid of Legal Entanglement

Because you are using Original Software, of course you can feel safe going anywhere without fearing your device will be raided by Pirated Software.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get if you use Original Software. It's better to pay but it's safe, instead of using it for free, but your privacy and comfort are threatened!

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