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Windows 10 now has a 10 point lead over rivals

WINDOWS 10 now boasts a 10 point lead over Windows 7 according to global figures for May 2019.

Netmarketshare’s tallies for traditional form factors (desktop/laptop) show Windows 10 with 45.73 market share (+1.63) against Windows 7 at 35.44 (-0.99). Although an increased margin is no bad thing, it does seem as if we’re sleepwalking into a repeat of the Windows XP end of life saga, with less than seven months to the end of Windows 7, and usage still standing at a third. In fact, amongst systems running Windows, that’s over 40 per cent.

Older versions of Windows continue to drop off, with Windows 8.1 standing at just 3.97 (-0.25). Add in the original Windows 8.0 and that goes up to 4.74 (-0.3). Basically, not a lot, and we shall soon see it disappear into the Vista dumper.

XP still has some love at 2.22 (-0.24) bringing the total market share for Windows in May to 88.13 (+0.01) suggesting that there are more people upgrading existing versions of Windows than joining the party.

macOS users hold 8.73 per cent of the market (-0.03), mostly from macOS 10.14 at 5.34 (+0.11), with 10.13 at 1.94 (-0.06), 10.12 at 0.84 (-0.05) and 10.11 at 0.61 (-0.03). There are currently no beta versions with significant market share.

Linux is yet to capitalise on hopes that it will become appealing to those migrating from Windows 7 and has seen its share dwindle in the last year or so. It currently stands at 1.37 (-0.02) from over 2 per cent a year ago. Some have suggested that the next 18 months will be do-or-die for the desktop iterations of the open source OS.

Looking at the wider market, and when all form factors are taken into account, Windows 10 remains the top dog OS at 18.37, with Windows 7 at 14.24, followed by iOS 12.2 at 11.48 and Android 8.1 Oreo at 9.52 per cent.

Remove the fragmentation and its a different story. In all its forms, Android still reigns supreme at 41.74, with Windows snapping at its heels at 35.47. iOS is at 17.8, with MacOS at 3.74 and Linux (Desktop) at 0.79. Chrome OS registers, but only just, at 0.17.

In terms of vendors, Google is top dog with 41.91, Microsoft at 35.47, Apple at 21.2 and Linux at 0.79. μ

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