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Windows 10 is wasteful of quota? this is how to fix it!

No matter how great the features are in Windows 10, bugs can always appear. Microsoft naturally tries to eliminate it, and therefore, the OS has an always new update mechanism to overcome existing bugs. In the latest version of Windows – 10, Microsoft has changed many things in this regard, and we are discussing the features of automatic updates which are on Windows 10. This is the main reason why many people want to turn off automatic updates on Windows 10. Not only does it consume a lot of quota, but the update process is quite long, more or less will definitely affect our work.

Here's an easy way to
turn off the automatic update feature on Windows 10:

  • Type "gpedit.msc"
    on search
  • Select "Computer Configuration" <"Administrative
    Templates "<" Windows components "<" Windows Update "
  • and double-click on" Configure Automatic
    Updates ".
  • Open this setting and change it to "Disable". End it
    by pressing the Apply button

How easy is that right?


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