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Why My Instagram Followers Not Increased

Answering some tough questions from some of my comments and email columns fired by loyal visitors to this code hotmail blog. Many of them may be misunderstood. Not that admin here is a person who really really understand with this. But all of the admin write this based on some references that admins get from the internet as well. Which then admin summarized into several pointpenting that will be submitted in this article.

In accordance with the topic of our discussion on this day that is about the question why the hell Instagram account that I have very difficult to increase followersnya. Actually what is the cause and reason why Instagram followers do not increase. In this review let's describe one by one. For that friend friend please refer to the following complete answer.

Social media Instagram

You guys must have known what is Instagram and even how to use this social media. Social media Instagram is no longer a new thing in Indonesian society today. Technological sophistication is increasingly growing every day, making every individual should continue to participate in the update of any latest news information about the world of technology. If you miss information even a few days can we can also get big losses either in terms of physical and financial.

Speaking of Instagram you must also be able to imagine what the function of this social media. As you know social media scattered on the internet is not just Instagram only. Other popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.path and others are also one of the social media interests by the crowd.

The unique social media Instagram lies in the picture. Yes arguably social media this one is one of the social media based on images / pictures. Since the update Instagram also released a short video and IG TV. Namely a place where people can explore using a video that only lasted a few seconds only.

Features contained in Instagram

Perhaps you are familiar with the feature menu features contained in Instagram. Which may stand out one of them is followers or commonly called followers. Followers in Instagram this can symbolize what the level of popularity of an account. For some reason this is a lot of those who race to produce Instagram with many followers or followers in it.

Some of them may be very difficult in reaching followers. Then launch the action by using a shortcut. One of them is by using software or applications or web-based auto followers, with the help of these third parties we can immediately get followers instantly without having to bother posting content interesting content. Or difficult to promote our account to the crowd.

But do you know the danger of this auto followers site application for our account? Lots of negative impacts generated by this auto followers site.

Turn to the topic of our discussion on this day is why followers Instagram account we do not increase? Let's summarize some of the following reasons

Why does my Instagram account followers not be able to increase

There are several reasons why our Instagram account can no longer be increased. Here are some points.

1. Instagram in the event of unauthorized action
2. The account does not have the potential to generate many followers / followers.
3. The account owner is not friendly with other users.
4. Accounts are in severe warning by instagram
5. Excessive spamming action.
6. Account cheats someone else's work.

Okay buddy let's try to explain one by one.

1. Instagram is subject to unauthorized action.

Action not allowed is a small warning delivered directly from Instagram through your account. Usually you are aware of this when there are followers follow your account (follow your Instagram account). There will enter new notifications but the number of followers will not increase or increase. There are even hundreds of people behind him to be your new followers. The amount remains the same. Nothing wants to grow.

You will find out more if this link is not allowed in the circumstances when you are following back. The number of follow also did not increase. Even more confusing. The follow button does not work. Here's what's behind some of the reasons your Instagram account has not increased its followers.

2. The account does not have the potential to generate much followers / followers.

My point here is to post your Instagram content. Sometimes posting Instagram content is very inviting a lot of attention, pure followers will appear if you are consistent in managing your Instagram account. I say again, this is a social media should never be afraid to show your creativity in it. Without the need to add or exceed the rules of the resulting image.

Sometimes followers prefer content posting that appears as it is. Not made for let alone trying to be liked by the crowd they change their identity. This is also the mastermind behind your Instagram followers who are difficult to increase.

3. The account owner is not friendly with other users.

Sometimes we are often puzzled by some Instagram activities. Especially if in it there are some people who can be practically "quasi ngartis". They are sometimes unaware, the need to be friendly to fellow friends and even followers. Those who become followers some of them would want to invite you to be friends. Many of the followers who ask a few questions very rarely get feedback. Even if even rewarded with a very short word.

Remember this one thing. In the social media the maxim applies this saying "they are great because of their followers / their loyal followers". If you think that followers are the ones you can fool? Then you are wrong. You think if followers are the ones who have to follow your orders? Then you are also wrong. If you think what you make it all will be followed by followers? You are wrong.

For that from now stop the excessive activity sometimes every human have different principles and views, not all followers are fools. Even those great people can even think they deserve to follow you. Not because you are right but their perspective. At point 'this is also something that can make you no longer able to get followers.

4. The account is in a severe warning by instagram.

Well for this one is a very important thing. In addition to the point 'I mentioned above. If your account gets to this stage then all the actions on your Instagram are officially blocked in other words all activities are suspended. This is why the followers of your Instagram account is no longer able to increase the number of even his followers have been rejected for the user. So avoid instagram you get a strong warning from the Instagram.

5. Excessive spamming.

Spamming action is overwhelming. From post activity, follow follow up to comment. Spamming is an automation activity. Usually spamming is synonymous with using automated software. Social media instagram, has a special software that performs the task of checking the action of spamming. Although sometimes you do not accidentally this will still be detected. This is also one of the reasons why Instagram does not increase for its followers.

6. Account cheats someone else's work.

You must also have known. If you look at some posts exactly postings / content that you've seen before. Despite attracting attention we were inclined not to ignore Instagram account. Because we already know where the original content comes from.

And if in the end you decide to follow the account you must choose those who first post the image. Compared to accounts that plagiarize someone else's work. And this is also one of the dalang instagram account you will never feel the followers will increase.

From the above events we can draw conclusions. That's why Instagram followers do not grow. The answer, it could be for some reason that Instagram we eror because the automation software. Or spamming action we have ever done, and the second Instagram account we are eligible to not difollow by others.

So a little information that we can conclude on this day may help all friends friends and thank you. [19659033] (function (d, s, id) {
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