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What’s your favorite phone case brand? (Poll of the Week)

Last week’s poll summary: Out of 2,000 total votes, 63.9% of our readers say that they’re interested in the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, while only 15.7% say they’d pass. 20.4% are still undecided.

Smartphones today might be as pretty as they’ve ever been, but they’re still extremely breakable. No matter what your phone is made of, there’s a big chance dropping it will result in some kind of damage. Nobody wants that, especially after you’ve just spent almost $1,000 on your new phone.

Luckily phone cases exist for this very reason. Sure, they add some extra bulk to your smartphone, but the positives of using a case absolutely outweigh the negatives.

I am terrified of breaking my phone, so I use a case 100% of the time. Nearly 70 percent of Android Authority readers use cases, too. If you’re a phone case user, what brand do you usually buy? I tend to go with Spigen or Incipio, but this Pixel 2 fabric case has really won me over. Cast your vote in the poll below, and speak up in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to add.


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