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What you need to know

  • Many people who pre-ordered the new HTC U12 Plus from Amazon are reporting that shipments have been heavily delayed.
  • Devices were supposed to be shipped out this week, but now some customers may not get the phone until early August.
  • Other people who ordered the phone directly from HTC.com have already received their handsets.

If you pre-ordered your HTC U12 Plus from Amazon, you may not be getting your phone for a while. According to a report from Android Central, many people who purchased HTC’s latest flagship have stated their orders may not be shipped out until as late as August 3.

Those customers report that Amazon was supposed to begin shipping the HTC U12 Plus this week, but now they are being told by company reps that the phone was actually still on back order. The good news is that, according to reports from the XDA Developers forums, people who ordered the U12 Plus directly from HTC’s website are receiving their phones this week.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, so there are likely a lot of pre-orders of the HTC U12 Plus that are affected by this issue. Some of those customers are reporting that they have chatted with HTC reps, and are being told that the company is looking into the situation. Still, this has to be a headache for HTC. Considering its poor financial health, delayed and cancelled shipments for its latest phone is something it doesn’t need right now.

If you pre-ordered your HTC U12 Plus from Amazon, have you been told your shipment was delayed?


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