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What should be done after graduating from high school / vocational school?

What should you do after you finish graduating or graduating from high school or high school? this question may be a bit relevant to people who are confused to determine the future of their lives, but have you ever asked yourself, what should I make for now? I will explain some circumstances and enlightenment for those of you who are confused after graduating from high school and lacking in living expenses. Honestly, it is indeed very difficult to determine the future you want to make, it takes a long time and is confusing to build everything, but if done slowly maybe this will work and you can certainly determine it.

The confusion that you will experience after you finish school is something everyone will experience, starting from losing some friends who are often active in the schooling world and happiness that you will definitely disappear after graduation or graduation in this school world.

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 This mindset is our change to an adult level, meaning that adults themselves will experience you after you finish high school or high school, and feel you know better far about yourself. what is lacking of yourself, what should be done and know better than before. </p>
<p> I solved this problem in about 10 months to understand myself, it was quite long, and not instant. here maybe you will learn a little about the experience of some people including me that you really need to know so as not to spend time on this. now I will start from here first. </p>
 What should be done after graduating from high school / vocational school? </h2>
<p>After you finish high school or high school, you will feel the world has changed from normal, this is normal and there is only one way to deal with this problem gaes. [Answer] [1945912] You have to change your own mindset. </b> [19659002] The mindset does not form two days a day, but it will be obtained after you have experience. after getting experience you will be able to change your mindset … well even though this will take a long time. and this is indeed unavoidable for people who are of a different nature. depending on you can solve the problem for a long time. </p>
<p> There are thousands of possible problems that you are facing, but this perception of life. </p>
<p> We Are 80% Positive and 20% Negative </p>
<p> Two this percentage is very clear, you are too focused on 20% negative and ignore positive things. [20659002] But you can get some experience that I got so that you don't need a long time to study this one by one. </p>
 Want to Study, But the Family Condition Is Not Able? </h3>
<p>There are some who experience this and there are also some who have not experienced this. But who experienced this, I say once again, who experienced this … </p>
<p> <b> You are a very lucky person in my opinion. </b> </p>
<p> Why did I say that? </p>
<p> Because I too was born </b> from a poor family, hehe … what's the advantage? and what are the disadvantages? </p>
<p> [1945912] 100% Profit and 0% Loss </b> </p>
<p> Its benefits </b>: You have been required to start and find your own way in adolescence, the best chance is when you born to a poor family. the advantage is that you are one step ahead of your friend. </p>
<p> <b> The disadvantage </b>: Will Become a Loss When You Blame the Situation. (But the Average People Choose This is Gaess) </p>
<p> I Asked Like This … </p>
<p> Q: What Is the Difference Between People After High School / Vocational School and People Who Have Graduated? <br /> A: There Is No Difference End, <b> ehe </b> (Only In Indonesia) </p>
<p> Doesn't Mean I said this you don't have to go to college huh … hehe … </p>
<blockquote class=

Solution : Stop blaming the situation, no results at all. even the loss you get …

For this first point, try to catch up with me first, this is the thing I got when I graduated in my junior high school. if it's permeated please go straight to this next point

Get Job that Is Not Worth It?

Pay attention to one of these points, maybe you are now working with someone else, and some are working for yourself. everyone must have got an inappropriate job … Is that not feasible? It doesn't work according to the results obtained. [19459] While this is a matter of perception of yourself.

Use perceptions like this: [1945912] Life is a Choice.

If you work now for other people, before that is your choice. if indeed that is your choice, well you will work for others forever gaes ..

For this point maybe not just anyone can apply. please find out what your choice of life is and what it is.

If You Say It Like This [1945912] "Life is not always what we expect"

Well, can I make sure you alay children. and many clever, very – very minus effort.

Humans are creatures that have their own will, nothing is impossible … there is only your effort which is LESS !

Solution For This Time It Is …: 1945: Business Is Directly With Results. If the Result Is Less, That Means Your Business Is Less Gaunted.
Have Not Started Anything?

Starting it is not a difficult thing,

Developing is a rather difficult thing,

But Defending is a difficult thing,

From the three statements above, it is something that I have experienced myself. Getting started is easy, follow your own passion and work twice as hard as before.

Getting started is the only way for you to move to the next level.

But actually this third point is the most important point of the post. this. Since I don't know what your passion is … but I will tell you how to reach your goals easily.

For example …

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

What should you do make?

It's the first thing you want to make, go straight to the practice …

Sell small things first, like how to sell strategies, marketing strategies. Remember, selling is not just for selling. But hook up on the knowledge you will get when you want to set foot on the next level.

Selling must have large capital?

Dispose of this question . Sip whatever your reasons … get rid of that reason right now.

And come up with this question … what have I learned about me selling yesterday … and on average most people can't answer this.

As far as High School Can It Succeed?

This question is the majority of you. Maybe I don't need to answer. And I am thinking like this …

Like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg is a person who DO / Drop Out because he is not focused on lecturing and we can allocate this to the same high school graduates. The thing they do is focus on their work … And look now …

You don't have to be like them too … Because they also don't want to be someone else.

The lessons that can be taken are: Do not want to follow the lives of others, want to go to college, want to work in an office, want it, want this. Every life must be different, so don't join it.

Well, so the point of this post is just reminding friends, don't always blame the situation, there isn't this, there's no such thing, this, that, this, if there isn't this I can't.

Get rid of all the negative thoughts that dominate you, start acting in every job you do, at least useful for many people, so maybe this short article from the admin might be useful, hmm:) [19659047]


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