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What is Shopee? What Advantages Does Shopee Own?

The rapid development of information technology has brought new influences that have never been imagined before. In Indonesia it has been ranked high with the largest number of internet users around 30% of the total population of Indonesia. E-commerce can be a gold field for some people who want to go into the online business world.

In the past, if we wanted to buy clothes or things we wanted, we would definitely choose, fight and queue long if you will pay. But now there is no need to bother because of the sales application that facilitates the Indonesian people. If we want to buy goods online, wherever and whenever . The seller will only receive payment money after the item is received by the buyer. As long as the goods have not arrived, the money will be deposited in a third party account.

Transactions are also safe without worrying about using services escrow or third party accounts. Of course, with ease in the sophistication of this technology, people in Indonesia will switch to using online business or buying online. Simply use your Smartphone to access the online shopping application site without complicated. One application that is currently being used is Shopee.

 Shopee 2

What is Shopee?

Shopee is an application that is engaged in buying and selling online and can be accessed easily by using smartphone . Shopee comes in the form of an application that makes it easy for users to shop online without having to use complicated computer devices . But simply using your smartphone, Shopee will offer a variety of fashion products to products for everyday needs.

Shopee enlivened the Indonesian market at the end of May 2015 and began operations in June 2015. Shopee is a subsidiary of Garena based in Singapore. The increasing penetration of gadget users makes PT Shopee Internasional Indonesia see new opportunities in the world of e-commerce. Shopee has now spread to various countries in the Southeast Asia region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Shopee's CEO, Chris Feng, said that since 1945, the soft launch was in June 2016 This application is easily accepted in Southeast Asia because the area is an area that likes to play social media. It's no secret that Indonesian people are fond of social media. Even social media does not automatically communicate now has become a trading activity.

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Shopee CEO, Chris Feng

Not only buyers but Shopee also facilitates the seller to market his merchandise easily and equip buyers with secure payment process and integrated logistics arrangements. Currently there are more than ten million downloaders who have subscribed to shopee.

Now there are at least one hundred people who have joined as employees at Shopee Indonesia. And based in Wisma 77 Slipi, West Jakarta. The most important market target is to target young people who use more gadgets, especially in the activity of choosing goods without complicated. Shopee's business success is because the company is very consistent in focusing its business to provide an easy-to-use mobile shopping experience.

To support applications, Shopee has offered various product categories such as fashion and household appliances. There are 26 categories available at Shopee, namely:

  • Men's Clothing
  • Women's Clothing
  • Mobile & Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Computers & Accessories
  • Home Appliances
  • Baby & Child Fashion [19659017] Mother & Baby
  • Men's shoes
  • Women's shoes
  • Men's bags
  • Women's bags
  • Watches
  • Muslim fashion
  • Electronics
  • Fashion accessories such as glasses
  • Health
  • Hobbies & Collections
  • Photography
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Automotive
  • Vouchers
  • Books & Stationery
  • All About
  • Souvenirs & Parties [19659042] Some of Shopee's advantages:

    • Selling items fast enough and can be done in just 30 seconds.
    • Facilitates the seller in marketing his merchandise with the photo feature. So you can upload photos of up to nine photos. This means that the buyer can look more closely at the item he wants to buy.
    • There is a notification feature about the payment system up to the completion of the transaction. So that makes it easier for sellers to check online buying and selling transactions.
    • Provides convenience in choosing products such as choosing motifs, colors to sizes. So do not worry if it is not appropriate.
    • Has a free service or shipping costs.
    • Has the latest service that can be used to pay PLN electricity bills.
    • Has an attractive, attractive display that can be used easily even by users new.
    • Features Live Chat which makes it easy for buyers to be able to directly talk with the seller to be able to transact or negotiate. This feature makes it easy for shopee users to remember e-commerce sites or other applications that have to store phone numbers first, if they want to transact.
    • Has a bargaining feature that allows the buyer to bid on prices.
    • complete to easily spread info to various social media sites or applications messenger such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, Pinterest, Whatsapp.
    • Shopee integrates social media features that include hashtag functions, to make it easier for users in looking for goods or products that are popular or to follow the latest product trends easily.

    So what? Do you think Shopee is interesting and makes you interested in making transactions there? Make sure your choice is right, friend. And of course always be vigilant and pay attention to all the transaction processes that you are doing and obey the terms and conditions when going to buy and sell.


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