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What is jQuery? Understanding jQuery And Its Functions & Benefits

jQuery, for those of you who have ever or are currently learning JavaScript (JS) are certainly familiar with this term. Writing program code for a web takes a long time and requires patience, even more so if in web content there are many strings and style ] which are interrelated and communicate with each other.

To manage the command lines of so many programs a programmer needs accuracy, but there are times when there are one or two strings still missed too. Understanding JavaScript concepts is easy, but if you have to manage tens or hundreds of lines of JavaScript syntax in a web then a programmer must have a good data management method so as not to make many mistakes when coding .

As a concept library JavaScript, jQuery helps programmers manage JavaScript in web content . Let's take a brief explanation of jQuery below.

What is jQuery?


jQuery is not an independent programming but is run based on a collection of JavaScript syntax. jQuery is a library JavaScript. How it works is by combining or compressing a line of JavaScript syntax into one module. So that programmers do not need to write the same code over and over again, all they need to do is to invoke the JavaScript module that was created.

The analogy is a library of JavaScript syntax modules that are ready to be declared and called. Syntax library JS is designed to facilitate navigation of document selection, element selection DOM ( Document Object Model ) create animations, handle events and HTML elements, developing the AJAX application, and many more.

The way it works is almost like CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ). The modular approach to jQuery makes it easy for programmers in the process of creating dynamic content and web applications. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS syntax, you will quickly learn library this JS.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is very popular with content programmers modern web. It is estimated that 70% of the more than 10 millions of web content that is currently online uses it. Results of web analysis revealed that, jQuery is a JavaScript library which is widely used, on a scale of 3 to 4 times more frequently than JavaScript library others.

Peeling In short, the first version, version 1.0, was released in 2006. In the next development, in January 2009 the release of version 1.3.2 added the Sizzle Selector Engine feature as part of the jQuery core. In April 2013, jQuery released its support for Internet Explorer 6-8 in order to improve performance and reduce file size (from 94.9 KB to 81.7 KB). Jumping to April 2019, arrived at version 3.4.1, in this version jQuery has gone through many improvements, performance and security improvements ( security ).

Basic functions of jQuery

Main uses library This one is to simplify the process of writing HTML scripts especially those that require lots of lines of JavaScript code. For example, if you want to hide photos with the 'hide' function, then you need the 'hide' module instead of that function.

If you write it using JavaScript you need to repeat the line with that function as much as button that you want to use with this function. Example code lines like this:

If there are 1000 buttons, then you have to make 1000 lines of similar code. But it will be shorter if you use the module, writing the code is quite like this:

Then followed by simple HTML as follows:

Then every HTML element containing class 'button1' would call JavaScript function '. Hide', in the perception of jQuery will call the module '. Hide'. 1000 times more energy efficient, right?

Other uses This library can vary for each content, can enrich content features or enhance content as well as handling the application of animation effects that are usually created using JavaScript. [19659002] In jQuery there are DOM manipulation features, with this feature you can delete or add DOM elements into HTML and 'wrap' the code lines easily.

Main Advantages of jQuery

There are many advantages of this one JavaScript library that we cannot mention them all, here are some of the strengths we have summarized.

1. Less is better

A little repeating from the explanation above that jQuery is a library JavaScript, therefore it has the slogan ' write less, do more ' or ' less is better ', meaning that if you are able to understand and use jQuery well then you can do complex and complicated things with only short and short syntax lines to be applied to the web content that you are working on. [19659029] 2. Cross-platform

The reason why jQuery is so popular is because it can be used cross-platform (cross platform). In various browsers or gadgets jQuery applies the same. Library This JavaScript has been able to support for Chrome Firefox, Safari, IE, Android, and iOS.

3. AJAX Mediator

jQuery is also known as the 'tamer' AJAX which is asynchronous and runs its code based on the last code used. Because AJAX's behavior is not always 'obedient' and 'stubborn', each browser treats AJAX with different methods and techniques. In this case, jQuery is useful for adjusting technical matters needed and adjusting the AJAX code to all browsers .

4. Many tutorials

To learn jQuery you don't need to bother, because of the popularity of library JavaScript, you can easily find various sources of information and tutorials on the internet with the help of search engines or even from tutorial books.

Thus a brief explanation of jQuery, one of the popular libraries JavaScript and its uses and advantages, keep the spirit of learning JavaScript and don't rule out HTML and CSS. Hopefully useful and easy to understand.


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