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What is HDR and when should we use it on a mobile phone?

HDR. The three lowercase letters are present in many camera apps on a smartphone, but you may not understand what they represent. If you still lay about what HDR is, or just want to learn about when it's best to use the feature, read the following article:

What is HDR?

In the world of photography, the dynamic range is the difference between the elements dark and bright on a picture. High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a process that increases this dynamic range, beyond what your smartphone's lens can capture.

Although the ultimate goal of HDR is to make images more impressive, that does not mean the HDR feature should be used for every time you take a photo. Below we have highlighted when it is best to use the HDR feature on a cell phone camera, as well as how it works in practice.

Differences An HDR and No HDR

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How HDR works?

When you take a photo with the HDR feature enabled, the camera captures multiple images in sequence with different exposure values. The smartphone camera software then combines these images into one photo that retains the details of the darkest and lightest areas.

When should you use HDR Features?

1. When You Take a Photo landscape

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a good photograph, but outdoors, sunlight can cause a photo to be too contrast. HDR can balance this difference.

2. When you take a photo with high contrast

Some photos look better with strong contrast between light and dark areas. Using HDR will reduce this contrast, so the effect is less obvious. If that's not what you want from the final image, do not use the HDR feature.

3. Scenes with vivid colors

If you're dealing with very vibrant colors, HDR can make them look tacky. Be careful to use the HDR feature in a color saturation.

  1. Keep the Hand Balance When Taking a photo with HDR Features

I Just want to remind you to maintain a steady hand balance when you use the HDR feature. Otherwise do not be disappointed with the results of the photo you get.


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