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What Is Being Yourself? Easy to do 10 ways

Have you ever thought for a moment that now you are a reflection of others? If so then now is the time to move on to become yourself completely not made for what you are. It hurts if we force others to be seen and liked by many people. There are so many people who do not realize that they are now being shackled with the name MIRROR which is a mirror of the behavior of people who become icons and you are an example every day. Accept the current fact that YOU are NOT THEY. We must admit that humans have special abilities such as camouflage behavior, speech style, and mindset that can imitate anyone. Indirectly what he sees according to him is cool and wants to be what he sees. It can be easily done. You must find a lot of people who from the beginning you know well, are not arrogant and are friendly and humble. Instantly turn out to be like not someone you know like a friend you previously knew. This change is not immediately due to his will. It could be because of a number of factors and circumstances that require them to be like that. We must not 100% claim to judge as we wish. Because if you don't know for sure that the person is in disguise or not. This is the location of the other side of humans. We can't recognize it well. If you only see and know it from the outer skin only.

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 As for know more, we must first become close friends or relatives, to find out if he has indeed changed or just adapted the conditions, people like this are people who cannot know themselves further, or he does have special abilities. knowing as long as they try to be someone else will certainly cause inconvenience, especially when it comes to things he doesn't like being part of his other self.The average person who likes to be someone else is someone who is afraid of being ridiculed by others. have friends This goal they always hide their true nature. For those of you who still like this there is no good at all because it will cause a lot of negative things and things that are not desirable </p>
<p> To avoid this you should try doing this step so that you can be yourself completely and there is no interference about behavior other people. Curious, let's just take a look at the following review: </p>
<h2 style= How To Become Your Whole Self And What It Is

Being yourself is also not an easy thing. Especially for those of you who still like to try to be someone else at a certain time. Still hesitate to be shunned by people and afraid to be bullied by others. Therefore, try this method to be able to suppress the release of other people's traits.

1. Try to recognize yourself

It is not beautiful if humans do not know themselves. Knowing yourself means knowing the creator. In this way we can get to know ourselves closer. try to imagine and illustrate an imagination about

  • Who I really am
  • Why I was born into the world
  • Am I who has this body
  • I was born why must be from this family
  • Where will I live long?

Maybe by doing a simulation of all these depictions in the brain. Then the self is more open and can activate the subconscious mind that has been sleeping for a long time in your body.

2. Try to control emotions [1945912] All things will not be finished when done with emotion. For this reason, for you, try for a moment to be able to control your emotions, especially when you get unpleasant treatment from others. When you try to be who you are, try to do immune training against deadly bully attacks. Because if you can not be affected, your emotional control is good. But if it is still provoked by the emotion of training to control it, it must be further improved.

3. Show that you can be superior to them

Sometimes if someone scoffs at blaspheming what we have is a sign that they don't know who we really are. Occasionally show that we are able to accomplish anything they cannot. Show all our best achievements. Only in this way will they realize the importance of being themselves. Because the essence of being yourself is 100 times stronger than when you try to be someone else. Because avoiding something.

4. Stopping to Think of Others' Responses.
Comments and responses can sometimes make one's mental down. Finally, the person who was bullied received illness and mental trauma from this act. The negative virus caused by this person's words is very dangerous. For this reason, from now on stop thinking about what other people say. Just listen to what you think is right. Because this is your life. Who lives your life. It's hard and happy that only you know. There's no time to think about what other people say. Because whatever they say if you say NO then it really can't be done. Because the one who can move yourself is you are not someone else.

5. Make Weaknesses as Sources of Strength

Many people are mistaken about weaknesses. Understand that their weakness is something that really needs to be corrected. Try to pay attention to what is your weakness so far. It could be that your weakness is an actual strength that no one has ever had. Do not immediately judge what you have is all bad. I think you only lack analysis and review. Because too many negative thoughts dominate themselves as a result, things arise that should be a force. Your verdict is a weakness.

6. Throw Away Negative Thoughts Away

All negative things have nothing good. All of these are the most dangerous viruses that can slowly erode you mentally. Mental illness if you have attacked is very difficult to eliminate. Because this disease is usually directly connected with the subconscious mind. The only way is to practice and meditate as often as possible and always train to incorporate the doctrine of positive thoughts

7. Follow Your Heart

Sometimes thoughts aren't always right. We must also consider what is considered by the heart. That is the reason why mind and heart must be in line. Follow the intuition that you think is right, which according to your belief is correct. What is believed is of course based on long experience and analysis process. Therefore, never turn away from what is believed. Because it will cause self dissatisfaction which causes you to be forced to be someone else because of it.

8. Peace with Yourself

Now for this case, there are many who ultimately fail when trying to be themselves. Because whatever they make can never be at peace with themselves. Sometimes doing things that are forced to do sometimes. But only if we are at a certain point. Because if done excessively you will no longer be able to know yourself. Forgetting who you really are. For this reason, every action you take, whether it is being loved or disliked, try to make peace with yourself.

9. Try To Befriend Anyone

Making friends in principle is not allowed to choose. With the form of any kind and bad behavior even though we also have to be friends. Because basically friends can be with anyone. But to make them the closest friends to us must be through the choice of the mature ones. Choose friends who can be invited hard and happy together. Besides that, look for close friends to make friends, people who have the same hobbies and behaviors. Because there will be many things that can be discussed when there are problems.

10. Strengthen mentally

Mental is the most important thing so you can be yourself completely not made and no one can forbid it. Improve mentality by instilling the perception that no one else can influence me just by talking about bullies, especially how to cheat to overthrow me. Except that I really want it. Your mental shield with physical and spiritual training.


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