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What is a mountain? Understanding Mounts And Benefits & Types

Understanding Mountain Is

 Understanding Mountain Is

Mountain is one of God's creations around us and we may always see it every day. But what exactly is the meaning of the mountain? Understanding the mountain is a form of land that stands out or is higher than the surrounding area. However, not all prominent soils can be referred to as mountains.

Because parts of the land that stand out but are not too high are types of hills. There are even some authorities that set several rules to distinguish between hills and mountains. Examples such as Encyclopædia Britannica which require a height of 2000 feet (610 m) in order to be defined as a mountain.

Whereas the understanding of mountains according to KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) is a very large hill and a height of more than 600 m . In every region in Indonesia there are several types of hills that are higher than mountains but smaller in size. Because indeed there are no fundamental rules regarding the determination of high ground into mountains or hills.

Mountains themselves are formed from three movements from within the earth. Namely epeirogenic movements, plate tectonic movements, and orogenic movements. Besides hills and mountains, there is another term about mountains, mountains. Where the meaning of the mountains is a line or collection of several mountains that become one. In Indonesia the highest mountain is Gunung Jaya Wijaya which is located in Papua.

Benefits of Mountain

 Definition of Mountain and Its Benefits

There are several other names for mountains in regions in Indonesia. Like the Batak people refer to the mountain as Dolok. Or the Bugis tribe who named the mountain with Bulu, and many more. Besides its religious name, it turns out that the mountain also has several benefits for humans. Benefits of the mountain include:

1. Sports facilities

Do you exercise often? What type of exercise do you usually use to maintain a healthy body? Mountains are also often a suitable place to do sports such as running or climbing. Even now climbing mountains has become a hobby that is mushrooming among Indonesian people especially for young people.

The reason why many people who like to climb mountain sports begin is that the fees or costs that must be spent are very little. Because you just need to rent climbing equipment that is now freely available at climbing homes in Indonesia. Besides being cheap, mountain climbing can also make the body and brain healthy because the air is still clean.

2. A place to store water

If you have seen advertisements on television about mineral water, then you certainly know that mountains can indeed be a place to store water. Even the taste of water from native mountains can be very delicious and fresh compared to the taste of bottled mineral water that has been processed beforehand. So do not be surprised if people who live on the slopes of the mountain can have a healthier body.

3. As a climate regulator

Benefits of the next mountain is as a climate regulator of the area on the slopes of the mountain. Although the weather on the mountain is generally cool and tends to be cold, it does not mean that the mountain cannot make the weather hot. Usually the weather is hot and occurs in the mountains due to mountain activities that are lifting minerals from the bottom of the earth.

4. Place to take building materials

Mountains or mountains are often used as locations for picking up certain materials. This is because in the mountains there are indeed several types of material that are very useful for human life. Examples such as mountain rocks are often taken to build a house. Or if there is a volcanic eruption then the sand can also be used as building material.

5. Natural soil fertilizers

Did you know that plants on the slopes of a volcano will grow more fertile than plants on the plains? This is because volcanoes often emit volcanic ash which will be absorbed by the soil and then process for years and make the land very fertile. So most people who live on the slopes of a volcano will grow their own food that he needs.

6. Tourist destination

Another benefit of mountains which of course you often feel is the mountain as a tourist destination. Indeed, mountains in Indonesia have a very beautiful natural panorama and do not exist anywhere else.

Even now there is already an area of ​​tourism service in an area that does develop tourist destinations on the mountain specifically. And of course this is an additional income which is very useful for the local government.

Types of Mountains

 Types of Mountains

Indonesia is a country with many and varied Natural Resources (SDA). Where from Sabang to Merauke not only stretches a vast ocean but there are also mountains that surround all regions in Indonesia. So do not be surprised if at this time Indonesia has 3 types of mountains. The types of mountains are:

1. Volcanoes / volcanoes

When discussing volcanoes, you will immediately remember Mount Krakatau. The definition of a volcano or volcano is a crack in the earth's crust and a place where molten molten rock (magma) and other gases or liquids emerge to the earth's surface.

The name of the volcano itself is derived from the words Vocano or in Roman Language Vulcano / Vulcan which means the God of Fire. A mountain that has been named a volcano must be an active mountain that can erupt at any time. This is because in the mountain there are still molten rock or magma earlier.

2. Mount folds

Mount folds are mountains that form waves and are formed by endogenous forces whose direction and pressure are horizontal or horizontal. As a result of horizontal pressure, the bending of the folds of the earth's crust occurs. Usually the mountain which is called the fold mountain has a simpler fold structure.

While the structure of the fold mountain area usually consists of steep hills with narrow but long valleys. Remarkably on this fold mountain often contains several useful materials such as sandstone, limestone, clay, gypsum, and many more.

3. Mount fault

Then the last type of mountain is mountain fault. What is meant by a fault mountain is a mountainous area with a geological structure in the form of a fault or fault. The existence of fault structures on a mountain is caused by horizontal movements of the earth's crustal plates and on the rock layers that are not flexible, so that they will become broken.

On the fault mountain itself there are several types of faults namely broken, normal, garben, sliding faults, and host. Where in each type of fault is undergoing a process of formation and different times.

It turns out there are many types of mountains in Indonesia and there are not only volcanoes. There are even some mountains in Indonesia that are dead or cannot erupt again. That's all, hopefully the information above is useful for you.


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