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Ways, Fees & Conditions to Extend Complete STNK! (Newest 2018)

In the past when modernization of internet technology was not too crowded in Indonesia, taking care of extending the Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) was a very very boring activity, because every citizen of a motorized vehicle owner if he wanted to extend his vehicle registration, he had to go to the samsat office in the owner's area or in accordance with the license plate code on a motorized vehicle, moreover it must carry various terms of extending the vehicle registration that have been determined by the regulations. Finally, most motorized vehicle owners always leave it to brokers to take care of the vehicle registration extension.

 How to Extend the STNK

However, today people do not have to worry about being bothered by various things when arranging their own vehicle registration extension, because the samsat or police have changed the management system for extension of Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) becomes faster and more accurate without reducing the recording of existing data. Because the administration system in Samsat has used various kinds of information systems to facilitate recording of history and other data, so that you as an applicant for renewal of the STNK no longer need to queue for hours and avoid various brokering practices that used to bloom around the Samsat office. [19659004] Even the government through the Regional Revenue Service (Dispenda) has issued a new payment method to avoid corruption in related agencies by using online payment methods through ATMs, but what is noted is that online payment programs are still limited or new. expect in only a few provinces, not evenly distributed in all provinces in Indonesia.

The following are some information related to the STNK extension requirements which can be useful for those of you who wish to extend the Vehicle Number Certificate:

SAMSAT Online Service

 Extend vehicle registration

Be the level of technological development that has been rife, now the samsatpun do not want to be left behind in terms of improving services to people who want to renew the vehicle registration for their respective vehicles, now you no longer need to go to the samsat office, because there is already an internet-based service called SAMSAT Online . Some of the services available through SAMSAT Online Information System facilities include:

  1. Motorized vehicles with conditions for 1 year vehicle registration.
  2. Motorized vehicles with vehicle registration conditions.
  3. Motorized vehicles with conditions accompanied by BPKB, owner's ID card original, and also STNK.
  4. Motorized vehicles with a condition not more than 1 year late.
  5. Motorized vehicles with conditions not lost or damaged, sales reports, and criminal.

However, if understood in general, SAMSAT Online has 2 main benefits for the community and for the samsat itself, namely:

  1. Benefits for SAMSAT Using SAMSAT Online information system technology, samsat will get very accurate and guaranteed data because in real time can be directly seen the realization and acceptance both in the UPT PPD and as a whole.
  2. For taxpayers / owners By using SAMSAT Online information system technology, the taxpayer / owner will find it easy to use an easy and fast and efficient payment method because the tax payment process can be done anywhere while still in one province.

If you want to pay vehicle tax online For now there are several provinces that provide SAMSAT Online services for payment of motorbike taxes online, namely:

  1. East Java – can be accessed at http: //www.esamsat.jatimprov. go.id/
  2. Jawa Tengah – can be accessed on http://dppad.jatengprov.go.id/
  3. West Java – can be accessed at http://dispenda.jabarprov.go.id/e-samsat-jabar/
  4. DKI Jakarta – can be accessed at http://samsat-pkb.jakarta.go.id/INFO_PKB [1 9659010] Nangroe Aceh Darussalam – can be accessed at http://esamsat.acehprov.go.id

SAMSAT Online by Region

For those of you who do not have much free time to take care of the Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK), you don't rush to use brokers, because there is a special facility that can help you avoid broaching. Because this online system will facilitate vehicle tax payments even though you are not in your area. In fact, in some areas such as DKI Jakarta, West Java and Banten have already applied online payment systems before the other regions are formally applied through electronic payment regulations.

So that regions such as Bekasi can pay taxes and renew the vehicle registration in Jakarta . However, not all SAMSAT offices in Jakarta can service tax payments between regions. Here are the samsat that can be accessed online in this area:

  1. DKI Jakarta Region for the current capital city of the country that can serve SAMSAT Online is the area of ​​Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, and East Jakarta can be served online at the BSD Samsat office, Cinere Samsat, and Cikokol Samsat.
  2. Banten Region for the province especially in the area of ​​BSD, Cikokol, Ciledug, Ciputat, Balaraja, can process the maintenance of the extension of their online vehicle registration in South Jakarta Samsat and Cinere Samsat.
  3. West Java Region for vehicle owners in West Java in the area Depok, Cinere, and Cikarang-Bekasi, the arrangement of the extension of Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) can be done in South Jakarta Samsat, BSD Samsat, and Cikokol Samsat. [19659014] Now that you know the SAMSAT service information to take care of the vehicle registration extension, then how do I extend the vehicle registration and what are the requirements for extending the vehicle registration?

    Requirements for extending vehicle registration

    Before entering there, you should first know about vehicle tax. So that you become aware of when to pay, specifically there are two types of vehicle taxes that apply at the STNK that you often carry everywhere, including:

    • Payment of Annual STNK Taxes is your obligation as a vehicle owner to pay the pedestrian every year by legalizing the police stamp and stamp in the column printed on the STNK (to the right of the right).
    • Payment of Tax on Annual STNK is the process of changing vehicle registration STNK documents whose validity period it has run out every 5 years.

    For the amount of costs that must be paid by the owner of a motorized vehicle to pay off his obligation in paying taxes, there are new regulations governing the amount of costs that must be incurred for each vehicle. Based on Government Regulation Number 60 of 2016 which regulates the types and tariffs of Non-Tax State revenues (PNBP), it causes an increase in vehicle registration fees, but the increase is not the vehicle tax but the administrative costs. Why is it improved? apparently the purpose of the increase in administrative costs is to improve the service quality of the vehicle tax payment system.

    Here is the administrative fee for vehicle registration extension for two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles:

    • Rp. 100,000 to pay for the administration of new manufacture and extension.
    • Rp. 60,000 – is the cost that must be paid to pay for the issuance of Vehicle Number Marks (TNKB) or what we can know is the vehicle number plate.
    • Rp. 225,000 – is the cost that must be paid to pay for the issuance of a Motor Vehicle Owner's Book or BPKB.
    • [Rp. 150,000] is the cost that you must pay to pay for the issuance of a vehicle transfer letter motorized to outside your area.

    Here is the administrative fee for renewing the vehicle registration for four-wheeled vehicles:

    • Rp. 200,000 – is the cost e to pay for the administration fee for the new manufacture or extension.
    • [Rp1909012] Rp. 100,000 – is the cost that you must spend to pay the cost of issuing a Vehicle Number or Vehicle Number Plate.
    • Rp. 375,000 – is the cost that you must spend to pay for the issuance of a Book of Motor Vehicle Owners (BPKB).
    • Rp. 275,000 – is the cost that you must pay to pay for issuing a vehicle transfer letter you.

    After knowing how much the administration costs from the extension of the Vehicle Number Certificate, then what documents need to be prepared to fulfill the STNK renewal requirements, here are the documents you must prepare:

    • Original vehicle registration and photocopy, need to be remember that when you are going to pay a vehicle tax you must bring the original vehicle registration certificate from your vehicle, and don't forget to bring a copy of S TNK.
    • Photocopy of BPKB, when going to renew at the SAMSAT office, stop for a moment at the photocopy shop to copy the BPKB as a condition of extending the STNK.
    • Original KTP and a photocopy of the original owner, or KTP of the name on the STNK and BPKB.

    There is a slight difference if you are going to make a 5-year tax payment, because the requirements that need a little experience additions such as:

    • Documents Check the physical vehicle.
    • Original vehicle registration and copy.
    • Motorized Vehicle (BPKB).
    • Original KTP in accordance with the name stated on the STNK and BPKB.

    Procedure for extending vehicle registration

     How to Extend the STNK

    If the document mentioned above you have prepared, the next step is that you have to come to the nearest Social Security office or in accordance with the city in the BPKB or STNK. The procedure that you must undergo is as follows:

    1. When you have arrived at Samsat, you will be given a form by the officer there, you must fill out the form according to your personal data correctly.
    2. If the form is complete You submit the documents which are the conditions for extending the vehicle registration to the officer.
    3. After that, you will be given a tax payment slip, on which slip there will be a nominal tax amount that you must pay.
    4. To make tax payments, you can go to the cashier at the samsat office. After that you will get proof of tax payment, then submit it to the vehicle registration window.
    5. Then after waiting a few minutes, your name will be called to pick up a new STNK, but if you extend the 5 year you will also be given a slip to take the Sign Vehicle Number or vehicle number plate.

    Now that is information about extending vehicle registration, hopefully with this article you can become more aware of what are the requirements to extend the vehicle registration, and how the procedure must be passed to extend the vehicle registration vehicle.


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