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Ways, Fees & Conditions to Extend Complete SKCK! (Newest 2018)

Many assumptions circulated that the administrative system process in Indonesia was complicated and long-winded, but in this modern era the public service system had been largely reformed and moved to computer-based information systems in order to tidy up data preparation and speed up the service process to the community. The service improvement is included in the process of arranging the Police Records Certificate (SKCK). It is good to make a new SKCK or to extend the SKCK that has entered the expiration period. For this reason, through this article, we will try to help you in the process of extending the Police Registration Statement that has expired. If you are going to make SKCK for the first time, you can see the previous article entitled Fees and Conditions for Making SKCK

 terms for extending SKKK

Before entering into the process of extending SKCK and extending the SKCK requirements, there was little knowledge for you of the Police Records Certificate (SKCK) , that SKCK is a statement containing an acknowledgment from the police in the place where you live, explaining that you have never been involved in a crime that violates the law, where did the police know that you have never been involved in a crime? Every resort and sector police station has a record of residents in the area, from which the Police Records Certificate is obtained.

SKCK Validity Period

All you need to know before you extend your Police Records Certificate (SKCK) is about the validity period from SKCK itself. Whereas the validity period of SKCK must be extended if it has almost entered the expiration period or has entered the expiration period. There are some people who extend the SKCK validity period long before entering the expiration period, this happens to people who work outside the city so there is no need to go back and forth to arrange SKCK, but generally SKCK extensions are done by people who have SKCK with expiration dates already

The validity period of the Police Records Certificate (SKCK) is of two types, the first is SKCK which is valid for 3 months, this type of SKCK is an acknowledgment document issued by the sector police (Polsek), while the second is SKCK which has a validity period of 6 months, this SKCK is issued by the police office at a higher level than the police station, namely the Resort Police (Polres).

To extend the Police Records Certificate (SKCK) both of which have entered the expiration date and has not expired has the same document requirements. So you don't have to worry if your SKCK has passed the deadline for years. The following are the requirements that you need to prepare if you want to extend your Police Records Certificate (SKCK).

Requirements for Extending SKCK

Some documents that you need to prepare if you want to extend the validity period of the Police Records Certificate (SKCK) is a document stating your identity, the requirements for extending SKCK are as follows.

  1. Cover letter from Village / Kelurahan, cover letter is a letter document issued by the village office or village which contains a statement stating that you are right- true, including residents from a village who issued a cover letter, but before you get a cover letter from the village, you must arrange a cover letter from the Head of the RT and RW Chair, complete with a signature and stamp. Because if you don't have a RT RW cover letter, you will not be able to get a cover letter from the village.
  2. The original old SKCK if you want to renew the Police Registration Certificate (SKCK) you must bring the original old SKCK, if the document the original has been lost you can replace it with a copy of the legalized SKCK. However, if the legal documents are also lost, you don't need to worry, because you can still renew the Police Note Certificate, but it takes a longer time and goes through a quite complicated stage.
  3. Copy of Family Card You need to remember that a copy of the card the family that you must bring is a copy of the family card that is still valid and has not passed the validity period. So try to be more careful, and keep updating family documents.
  4. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP) or Copy of Driving Permit (SIM).
  5. 4 × 6 passport photo with red background as much 4 sheets, why do you have to bring it from home? At the police station there is also a photo studio facility. However, if you bring your own photos, the process of arranging the extension of the Police Records Certificate (SKCK) will take place faster if you compare the photos in place.

Extension of SKCK Overseas

If the Police Certificate (SKCK) You mean that for foreign purposes such as continuing school abroad and so on, then there is a slight difference in your required requirements for extension. However, in general, the requirements for extending SKCK are still the same as regular SKCK, except that the requirements for extending SKCK for overseas needs are an additional copy of the passport.

 Requirements for Extending SKCK

Extension of SKCK Overseas

) foreign needs cannot also be made at the Regional Police Station, Police Station let alone Resort. Because SKCK overseas needs can only be done at the National Police Headquarters (Republic of Indonesia Police Headquarters).

If making SKCK for foreign purposes is your first activity, then you need to know that in order to make SKCK abroad you must bring a cover letter from the Office Regional Police (provincial police). but if for SKCK extension of foreign needs you do not need to bring a cover letter from the Regional Police again. And the overseas needs SKCK will also use English.

How to Extend the SKCK

If you are ready with the prepared documents as mentioned above, you must come to the police station, police station, police headquarters or Headquarters Polri. But before that you should review again to ensure that the documents that you bring are complete, because if there is a lack of requirements documents then you must complete and queue again to be able to take care of the SKKK extension.

 Terms to Extend SKCK

Costs to Extend SKCK [19659022] After your document is ready, submit it to the officer. You will be given a form that you must fill in with your personal data, when filling out your form you are required to pay a sketch payment of Rp 30,000, (before January 6, 2018 the renewal fee is still Rp 10,000 but changes after new regulations). In the SKCK extension process there is no more fingerprint recording as in the making of the new SKCK, so just wait a while, your new SKCK will be made soon, and don't forget to request a valid skck copy so that you don't need to go back and forth to request legalization

So what is the process? very easy right. Indeed, in this modern era everything will be changed more quickly and accurately. Because the administration that was originally done by the manual has been replaced with a computer. there are some tips that you can use so that the process of processing your SKCK extension becomes faster.

  • Try to come as early as possible, come early or early in order to get the first queue, because if you take care of SKCK in the CPNS registration season people will competing to get the first queue.
  • Bring your own stationery such as a ballpoint pen, even though at the police station you have provided stationery, but the numbers are very limited so you don't have to wait for others.

That was the process of making a Police Records Certificate (SKCK) which was quite easy, and the question that often arises is what is the function of the SKCK for the destination agency? its main function for the company (if you use skck to register for work in a company) is to prevent the entry of people who have a bad social history (people who have violated the law) register to become a prospective employee in their agency. So that each agency will be clean from people who have a bad nature and past.


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