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Ways, Fees and Terms Extend the Complete SIM! (Newest 2018)

A driver's license is a small document that is very important for every driver, both for two-wheeled and four-wheeled drivers. We as lawyers are obliged to always carry a driving license so that when there is a raid in the middle of the road we do not need to worry about being raided because we have been allowed by the police to drive a vehicle.

Very strict driving rules keep us alert and always pay attention to all kinds of driving, even if you already have a driver's license even though you still have to be careful because each driver's license has its own validity period and we have to renew it if it has passed the validity period.

 How to Extend the SIM

Several years ago taking care of the extension of the Driving License was a very tedious job because it took a long time and was complicated, even many used brokers and so on, but now we no longer need to worry if our Driving License has passed validity period because the police have reformed the procedures and conditions for extending the SIM.

To facilitate service to the public in terms of arranging the driver's license the police changed the existing system pattern, such as chasing the ball by making Mobile SIM services and Online Services , if the mobile SIM service is the police that comes to us, and online services are we don't need to go to the police and the police nor do we need to come to us, you and the police will be connected to the internet, for more details, please follow this article.

Mobile SIM Services

As we can read from the name, that the method and conditions for extending the SIM to the service to arrange the Driving Permit is indeed using the ball chase system, where the SIM service officer will use a car that can move according to the targeted. You don't need to come all the way to the samsat office (Manunggul One Roof Administration System) because the samsat office will come to you.

 How to Extend the SIM

Mobile SIM services like this it usually targets certain objects which have the opportunity to get a lot of driving license targets, such as secondary schools and so on. But unfortunately this kind of service is only for SIM renewal, so if you want to make a SIM, you still have to go to the samsat office or other SIM services like at the police station.

Even if only to extend the SIM, the community is very helpful with the chase system for extending this SIM, because many people out there already have a SIM, but the validity period has passed, and people tend to be lazy to spend their time so that the driver's license they have can extend their time.

Specifically you need to know that the extension service Permit Driving around turns out not to serve all types of SIM, there are some special provisions what type of SIM can be served in the Mobile SIM Services, such as:

  • It turns out this mobile sim service is only for drivers who have a SIM (C) and also a SIM (A), while for those of you who have a SIM type otherwise, you are obliged to go to the samsat office in your area.
  • The process of extending the validity period of this SIM can be done for those of you who have a validity period that has expired, and also a SIM that has entered the grace period of 14 days
  • And the most important thing for you to know is, the SIM services that have entered the expiry period only have a maximum of 3 months from the expiration date, while for the expiration period of more than 3 months, you cannot make an SIM extension through SIM Services Around this, so you have to go to the samsat office in your area.

Service Procedure For mobile SIM service procedures it is actually the same as the service for a Driving License to the samsat office. So if you have made a SIM extension at the samsat office, it means that you will also know the service procedure in the driving license:

  • Come to the nearest mobile SIM service car around you, but all you need to know is, this Mobile SIM Service has special schedule. So before you go to the mobile SIM service car, you see first, if the mobile SIM service is available today at your destination.
  • Take the registration form to complete the driver's license (SIM) extension.
  • You are expected to be more careful careful and careful in filling out the registration form for the SIM extension, and don't forget to put your signature on the form.
  • Don't forget to attach supporting documents such as old SIM, photocopy of SIM, and KTP on the form that you have filled before
  • If you passed the above instructions, then you just have to wait to be processed to the next stage, this service phase depends on the number of applicants there, so if more, the process will be longer.
  • If it's your turn to call the officer, then the next process is the process of equating your data, your data will be checked Is it the same as the form that you filled in earlier, there you will also be asked for recording fingerprints and affixing your signature.
  • If you have reached this stage, you are just waiting for your driver's license in a new print. You deserve to be happy, because all these services occur at one point, namely in the car itself, so you don't have to go anywhere to take care of the renewal of the SIM.

Extension Fee You need to know that this service is not free , but in charge of taking care of the extension. Applicants for renewal of SIM will be charged a fee of:

  • Applicant for an extension of SIM (A) Car. charged a fee of Rp 140,000, –
  • Applicant for an extension of SIM (C) Motor. charged a fee of Rp 135,000, –

A little information for you, that mobile SIM services like this will not last the same location every day. So try to take advantage of the opportunity to keep your SIM alive so that it is free from police raids and travels smoothly.

Online SIM services

If there is a mobile SIM service before, here is also an Online SIM service, but it seems service ways and terms of extending the SIM this time only for those of you who are literate technology because of the need for the ability to take care of this service online, if you don't know much about online services you can still use and utilize mobile SIM services to extend the Driving License.

 How to Extend the SIM

This Online SIM Service will be very beneficial for those of you who have a home away from the samsat office and city center . Especially for those of you who are currently on land, it will be very difficult if you have to go home on purpose just to extend your license. So fortunate that the government provides this service online.

This online service is used to obtain the applicant's data so that officers can do data equalization. But the use of this technology is only limited to obtaining data. For the data equalization process, the officers still do it as usual. However, what makes it different is that the applicant does not need to go to the officer in the office or in the mobile driving license to apply for an extension of the SIM.

Special provisions, such as on mobile SIM services that have special provisions, the SIM Online service also has special provisions, namely:

  • You can only apply for an SIM extension, whereas for other services you have to go to the samsat office in your area.
  • This online service is only for extending the SIM (A) Car and also SIM (C) Motor.

Procedure Services the process of applying for online SIM services still uses procedures in general, namely the applicant must go to the nearest samsat office or in the mobile SIM car to renew the SIM as usual, the time needed to take care of this also depends on the number of applicants there is. And the requirements needed for SIM renewal services still require the same documents, namely:

  • Original and valid Resident Identity Card (KTP), or immigration document for Foreign Citizens.
  • Old SIM whose validity period expires. 19659013] Test Certificate stating that you passed the SIM Simulator exam.
  • Certificate of Health in your eyes.
  • Form for submitting an application for an extension of SIM.

Extension Fee Online services are also charged. But the amount of fees charged is different from other services. that is equal to:

  • Extension of SIM (A) Car, charged a fee of Rp 80,000, –
  • Extension of SIM (C) Motor, charged a fee of Rp 75,000, –

With several types of services as explained above, we as a general public will be increasingly helped to carry out driving documents such as SIM. So that the process of processing documents that used to be very troublesome becomes more fun because the process is fast and easy, especially with the mobile system and online systems, the community will be spoiled with the various services available.


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