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Ways, Fees and Conditions to Make a Complete Passport! (Newest 2018)

A passport is a document that contains the identity of a person from a country, such identity, such as name, photo, holder, signature, place of birth date, and other national information. A passport is an official document issued by a state institution and legalized by an authorized official from a country. The function of the passport itself is for the identity of a citizen when traveling abroad or between countries.

Broadly speaking, passports from all countries in the world are in the form of a booklet containing a national information from someone in full. But now there are also some countries that have issued e-passports or electronic passports for their citizens, in the event that electronic passport information contains the same data as conventional passports. But physically the e-passport has a chip that functions to access biometric data from the passport holder.

Passports are usually used for sightseeing trips or work visits abroad, the destination country will check you, and documents the passport is checked. But there are also some countries that need documents other than passports for the requirements to enter their territory. When you enter another country, your passport will be stamped and sealed with the visa of the destination country, this activity will be carried out by officers from the destination country.

 Requirements for Passport

In the passport discussion there is also visa term, visa is an official document in the form of someone's entry permit to a destination country. You can get a visa at the embassy consulate general of foreign embassies from a migrant country. The function of the visa itself is a proof that you may visit a destination country, and the visa also varies, there are tourist visas, work visas and so on. You must use the visa according to its type, if you use a tourist visa to work in a country, you can be fined or even put in jail in the country.

If you are currently looking for information on how to make a passport, you should thankful that now making passports is much easier compared to before. Now if you want to make a passport, you do not have to bother with the method, because the authorities have used the technology to make the passport easier to make online.

Requirements for Passport of the Republic of Indonesia

When You want to make arrangements for making a passport, there are several documents that you need to prepare in order to fulfill the requirements for making a passport, these requirements include several original and copy documents that you must bring to the immigration office. The following is a document that is a requirement for making a passport in Indonesia.

 Requirements for Making a Passport

Following are the required documents:

  • Original Electronic KTP (E-KTP) and copy, you must bring the original ID card identity and also the copy. Remember you can only E-KTP, so if you have not taken care of recording e-ID card data or have not printed e-ID card, you should first take care of the document.
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Letter, Last Diploma, or good original Baptist Letter or photocopies. (Please choose one of the documents above which basically contains data about your name, place of birth, and parent's name).
  • Original Family Card and Copy, you must bring your valid family card or not past the expiration date . If your family card has expired, you should first update the family card.
  • Stamp, the last document you need to prepare is the stamp that you have to carry from home. But at the immigration office also usually has provided a stamp that you can buy.

If you have prepared all of the above documents, the next step is the process of making a passport. About how to manage passports in Indonesia there are two methods, the first is making a passport manually where you have to go to the immigration office and the second is making an online passport that you can do from the smartphone screen.

Manually Making Passports [19659017] All you have to do when making a passport manually is to go to the immigration office in the area where you live. In both the city and district, try to come in the morning before 12 noon. Because you need to know that every day the immigration office limits the number of applicants to 200 people per day, so try to get you included in the 200 people.
  • Don't forget to bring the requirements document to make the passport mentioned above. Try to separate the document in a special folder so that the service will be faster and easier.
  • When you arrive at the immigration office, you will be given a form by the officer there, you are required to fill out a passport-making application form with identity data yourself, make sure that you have filled out the form correctly in accordance with the official document.
  • If you have filled in the form, please submit the 1945905 form to the serving officer, then you will get a proof of making a passport accompanied by a timetable for taking prints and photos.
  • You will be called to do the fingerprinting process, if the process is complete the next step is the interview stage. The interview process serves to check the documents that are carried with the information that you will issue in the interview process.
  • If you have passed all the steps above, then you must make a payment. And when payment is complete you will know when the passport is finished and when it can be taken.
  • If the above is a process of making a passport manually, then the next step is how to make a passport online. literacy about technology, if you don't really understand about technology you should take care of making a passport manually by visiting the immigration office. Here below is the step of making a passport online.

     How to Make a Passport

    Online Passport

    1. First you have to download an Online Passport Queuing application via your smartphone in the Play Store precisely at the following link .
    2. Then register yourself so that you have an account to register your passport, must fill in the form correctly, if you have been asked to verify the account through email.
    3. If your account has been verified, please log in again via the Online Passport Queue application.
    4. In the application you will be asked to choose the location of the immigration office, please choose the immigration office closest to your home.
    5. Then complete the complete data in accordance with the existing data, also fill in the date of the passport management plan.
    6. Then check your passport processing schedule, whether it has been approved or not.
    7. If the application is filed your passport has been approved, please go to the immigration office that you selected according to the schedule you submitted. Show the barcode that was given to the immigration office to print proof of the call order.
    8. Please wait for the officer to call and submit the conditions the passport that you have prepared in advance in accordance with the requirements stated above. [19659012] Lastly, you just have to wait for the process to complete.

    Please note that if you want to take care of the process of making an online passport, it can only be done if you have a smartphone with a minimal operating system Androis 4.2 or Jelly Bean. And you need to know that smartphone data is also recorded at the immigration office, so 1 smartphone can only register for 5 people, these people include.

    1. Father or Mother
    2. Husband or Wife
    3. Child
    4. Private

    If not mentioned above, it means that you cannot register collectively, this is only for families, so that is the various conditions that you need to prepare if you want to make a passport and also steps that can you take it to take care of your passport making application, either making a passport online or making a passport manually. Finally, as a note, when you go through the interview stage, you can answer the questions correctly and not hesitate.


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