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Understanding, Theories and Factors [LENGKAP]

Humans as social beings who depend and need other people. This certainly makes us consumptive about what other people buy and sell. We need to fulfill the need with how to buy an item . Consumer behavior is the basic things of consumer attitudes in making purchasing decisions.

When deciding to buy an item or service, as a consumer, first you always think of the product to be purchased. Starting from the price, quality, function or usefulness of the item.

Activities to think about, review, and question products before buying are included in consumer behavior. Previously also explained that consumer behavior is closely related to the purchase and sale of products in the form of goods or services. As a consumer, of course you don't want to buy a product right? Come see the following explanation.

Definition of Consumer Behavior

What is meant by consumer behavior? The word consumer behavior is divided into two syllables, namely behavior and consumers. Behavior is attitude, deed.

Whereas Consumers are people who use goods and services among the community both for the sake of themselves and others. The verb of the consumer itself is consumption. Consumption is an activity to spend or use goods and services to meet life's needs.

Consumer behavior is the attitude or action of someone in searching for, deciding, buying, using and evaluating goods or services that have been used to fulfill their life needs.

, before buying an item, consumers find out the product they want to buy either through the internet or survey to the nearest store, as well as checking the quality and price. After feeling suitable, consumers will buy and use the item. Then the product was evaluated whether was worth it.

Consumer Behavior Theory

 Definition of Consumer Behavior and Consumer Behavior Theory

Number of factors that influence a person in purchase of a product. The need for management to pursue these factors so that marketing is successful. These factors are psychological, economic, anthropological and sociological factors. The following is a brief explanation of the theory of consumer behavior.

1. Microeconomic Theory

This theory assumes that every buyer or consumer will always try to get as much satisfaction as possible.

They will try to continually make purchases on a product if it has obtained satisfaction from the product it has used, where satisfaction is compared straight or larger with marginal utility which is derived from the same expenditure for several other products.

2. Psychological Theory

This theory explains the psychological factors of each individual which is influenced by the intensity of the surrounding environment. This psychological field is very complicated in analyzing consumer attitudes, because mental processes cannot be seen in plain view.

3. Anthropological Theory

This theory also focuses on purchasing behavior from a group of people whose scope is very broad, such as social class, culture, etc.

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

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Consumer behavior is of course influenced by several things, namely internal (inside) and external (outside). The following are the factors that influence consumer behavior.

1. Internal Factors (Inner Factor)

a. Motivation [motivation]

Motivation is a desire that arises from within human beings to achieve certain goals. Let's look again at what your motivation for buying an item is. Needs or desires?

b. Perception / perception

Perception is a person's response to stimuli or events obtained based on his information and experience of the stimulus.

c. Attitude Formation / Attitude formation [1945659]

Attitude formation is a value found in someone who describes one's liking or not liking something.

d. Integration / Integration

Integration is the equation between attitude and action, integrity is a response to the attitude taken. Feelings of love will encourage someone's desire to buy, while feelings of dislike will make someone determined not to buy the product.

2. External Factors (External Factors)

a. Culture

Culture is a fact that is passed down from generation to generation by humans, used in determining and regulating human behavior in society. Cultural factors have the greatest and most profound influence on consumer behavior, because one tends to follow the culture in the environment of his residence [19459954].

b. Reference Groups and Social Groups

Social groups are the unity of society which is where someone interacts with each other because of the links between them.

Whereas the reference group is a social group that becomes a benchmark for someone in forming a personality. Both types of groups are very influential in determining someone to buy an item because an individual will look for references from social groups.

c. Family

Families usually consist of fathers, mothers and children who live together in achieving a goal. The family is the smallest bond in the society, but has the most important role in building a person's attitude and behavior in buying a product.

Someone who already has children certainly has a far different mind in making a product purchase decision, because obey

Examples of Consumer Behavior

 Examples of Consumer Behavior [1945906] </p>
<p> Here are examples of consumer behavior that we can encounter in our daily lives. </p>
<p> A mother will buy bag in one of the malls in Jakarta. The mother was faced with two store choices, namely a shop that sells local goods and imported goods. </p>
<p> Well, then the mother checks the quality directly by touching and paying attention to the whole side of the bag. After watching the bag carefully, finally the mother chose a local bag. Why? Because local bags have good quality at an affordable price. </p>
<p> Before buying an item, pay attention to whether it is a need or desire. If needs, then review whether for the long term or short term. And if you wish, think again to reduce the purchase of goods that you feel are not necessary to reduce spending figures and keep yourself away from things that are consumptive. </p>
<p> So this article is about understanding consumer behavior, consumer behavior theory, factors that influence and examples of consumer behavior. Thank you and hope it will be useful! </p>
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