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Understanding Technology With Benefits and Miscellaneous

Today, the increasingly modern age has changed the pattern of human life more dynamically. Where humans continue to find innovations to meet the needs of his life. That's what led to the creation of technology. Then, what exactly is technology?

Without your awareness, technology has brought great influence to human life. How not, almost all areas of human life require technology. One of the real things that prove the development of technology is the existence of the internet .

In the past, to obtain information can only be obtained through newspapers. But now, the internet has provided a great change that brings people into the digital age. With the internet, you can access any information from all over the world. In addition, the internet can also help you to communicate with many people unhindered distance and time.

Various technologies available today are created to help people in completing all the work in a short time. So far, what kind of technology do you know? In this article will be explained in detail about the understanding of technology, the benefits obtained with the technology and various technologies that develop today. Directly to the first discussion of the notion of technology below

The Definition of Technology

 The definition of technology and technological functions is

The term technology derives from a combination of two words, namely techne and logos. The word techne in Greek means skill, while logos means science. In short, technology means the study of skills. The use of the term technology itself is adopted from the English language " Technology " since the twentieth century that coincided with the end of the Second Industrial Revolution.

In general, the term technology is related to the science of tools or machines created for facilitate human in solving various problems or jobs that exist in the world.

The rapid development of technology gives a great influence on human life. In fact, technology can cause changes in various sectors of life, such as education, health, business and even security.

Technology Benefits

The invention of technology has undergone rapid development every year. Various tools or machines that exist today is the result of technological developments. The tools are created and equipped with their respective uses. The increasingly sophisticated technology also keeps people from demonstrating skills and providing innovation to create newer technologies.

Given the technological invention, it can provide many benefits to human life. One of them is to provide ease and speed in solving all problems encountered. In addition, there are still some other technological benefits that will be described below.

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Prior to the development of internet technology ¸ the learning system was carried out conventionally ie the teacher who provided the material face to face in the presence of the students . However, since the Internet can be created a more modern learning system or known as e-learning system.

Where teachers do not have to be in the presence of students to provide material but can be done cyberspace using the system. With that system also, the teacher is easier in assessing the understanding of each student.

2. In Transportation

Technological developments also affect the world of transportation. Just imagine, before the existence of vehicles such as motorcycles, buses, cars and so then to visit a location then you must walk to travel. However, with the current vehicle you can travel to various locations in the world so easily and quickly.

3. In the field of medicine

 technology in medicine

Today, the use of medical technology has grown rapidly. How not, you do not need to do a routine check to the hospital to check health. Because, now there are various applications developed to answer all complaints about your health. The answer is also handled directly by professional doctors.

4. In the field of Communication

Nowadays many technologies are used as communication media, such as mobile tablet, smartphone or other. All these technologies are created to make it easy for humans to be able to communicate with others without having to meet face to face. In fact, you can communicate with different people region quickly and the cost is also very small.

5. In the field of Business

 technology in the field of business

Do you know ATM ( Automated Teller Machine )? Yes, ATM is a machine that provides services to customers to make any type of transaction easily and quickly. This machine is also a proof of the development of technology that is operated automatically by using computer .

Various Technologies

Currently, various types of technology continue to emerge along with the times. The following will be explained about the various technologies that have developed to date.


 communication technology

Communication technology can be interpreted as a tool that allows each individual to send or receive information or data to others.

The development of communication technology is characterized by the existence of telephone devices grips that initially use analog signals that are constantly evolving and changing using digital signals. Some examples that include into the communication technology are mobile phone, fax, telegram, email and other chat apps

2. Information Technology

Information technology (19459008) Information technology ) or so-called IT or IT is a technology that helps you in providing various information in a fast time. In fact, information technology has existed long ago, like the kentongan used to convey an information.

However, as the times progressed, kentongan has been replaced with a more modern technology but did not deprive the value of previous technology. Some examples of the latest information technology are television, radio, computers, notebooks and so on.

3. Transportation Technology

 transport technology

Transportation technology deals with means of transportation that help you to travel to the intended location in quick time. The development of transportation technology began with the use of animal power, such as horses until the creation of technology operated with machines whose functions are similar to the previous technology.

4. Medical Technology

Medical technology itself deals with the world of medicine, where medical technology is developing by utilizing computer technology. Technological developments in the medical world is widely used to help doctors diagnose diseases suffered by patients and assist in conducting research. Some examples of this form of medical technology are CT-Scan, microscopes and various other surgical instruments.

That is the discussion of the notion of technology, the benefits of technology along with the various technologies that develop today. The author hopes you are not only able to mention the term technology so easily without understanding the essence of the technology. That way, you can understand the benefits of the technology and be able to use the technology as well as possible.


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