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Understanding Syntax In Programming Language

Hearing the term syntax is possible for most people is still not familiar, but for those who are involved in the world of programming will be different again. This is because almost all activities performed by a programmer must be associated with the name of this syntax. A programmer besides mastering the programming language is required to also understand the syntax contained in each language. For those of you who may be just trying in the world of programming is of course very important to understand this syntax first before implemented to the real tools.
Given the importance of deeper understanding, then in this opportunity we will discuss more deeply about the meaning of syntax in programming languages ​​and examples in each language. It is expected that the readers of this article better understand and implement the use of syntax correctly to produce the program as desired. Immediately, the fuller review can be found in the following article:
Definition of Syntax
Judging from the use of common syntax language also referred to as syntax, can be interpreted as a rule that must be met for the achievement of a programmer's goals. The purpose of this syntax or rule is that the code or script written can be justified and understood by the computer. These rules are set by default and are available in every programming language ranging from Java, PHP, C, C ++ and many more.
In essence in making the program required a script or code that must be written as commands in the program created, be it desktop or web programming. When the program file is executed or compiled, each line of script will be checked by the computer system and it must be ensured. This is the vital role of the syntax itself to provide specific rules for the program to run properly. It can be concluded that the script and syntax are equally important in the world of programming
If the script there is a command that is less then it is clear that the program created will not run as it should, but when there is no syntax is met then usually occurs warning / warning , or error / fatal error, and others in accordance with the settings tools used. If in Java there is usually a red or warning mark with red writing as an indication of the unfulfilled syntax. While on the web programming when the url is executed there is a warning in the form of writing following the command that does not come out.
It is also understandable that the Java language syntax that is applied slightly similar to C or C ++ language. That is why most programmers who learn C and C ++ first then when learning Java will be easier. Although in reality almost all programmers first choose to master in one programming language.
Sample Syntax
Previously little has been discussed that the function of the syntax is as a rule related to each programming language that must be met for the program created to run smoothly. Seeing this, of course, each programming language has different rules or syntax. Below we explain a bit about examples of syntax in commonly used languages ​​like Java and the web (HTML).
Syntax on Java
• Case sensitive is a method that can group the writing of letters into large and small. Examples of Case Sensitive are "Double" and "Double" which must have different meanings and functions.
• Class & Program Names, basically naming Classes in Java must start with capital or capital or on each words. An example of giving the correct class name is "class Name" or "class Yourname". For the name of the program must also have the same name as the existing class name (applicable to programs that have one class). If a program is encountered with multiple classes then the naming must also be identical to each other. An example of a program naming is "Application" with a class name that is also called "Application".
• Method name, method name must start with a lowercase letter. If a method has a name more than one word then in the second word and so then given a capital letter. An example is "public void methodSaya".
• Main Method, in Java a class to be executed or executed must have the main method as a mandatory requirement. An example of writing the main method is a patent like this "public static void main (Strings [] args)".
Syntax on the Web (HTML)
On the web the rules or syntax are applied more broadly and in detail, almost in all code or script writing is done. Some examples of the syntax are as follows:
is the definition of anchor tag or common term hyperlink, corresponding to the first name taken the letter "A". By writing a link on the anchor tag and then inserted into an object then after clicked you will be taken to another page according to its address
• is a syntax that gives an indication that starting to enter the body part of a web page. Usually in the body there is logic and the contents of the page will be made as a table, images or other information.

into a syntax that plays an important role in grouping some elements in the web. Such as font size determination on some text or paragraphs can use this tag

up to

to be the definition of some kind of text (heading) based on its size, ranging from the largest h1 to the smallest h6. The paragraph text usually uses a common tag for the paragraph



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