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Understanding RESPONSIBILITIES: Benefits & Examples [LENGKAP]

Understanding Responsibility

So far, we must often hear the word responsibility, right? But do you know what is meant by that responsibility? Own responsibility according to KBBI means a condition that requires someone to bear all things or something that has been given to him.

Therefore, being responsible also means having the responsibility to bear, assume a responsibility, bear all things or something and also can give an answer and also bear the consequences.

Responsibility is also a human consciousness of behavior or actions that are controlled and also not controlled by them. Responsibility has a natural nature, which means that it has become half of the human part of life, because everyone also must have a burden on their responsibilities.

And if he does not want to be responsible, then there will be others who will impose a responsibility that is. Thus, this responsibility can also be seen through two sides, namely from those who act and also from the interests of others.

A responsibility is also a feature of human beings who are cultured and civilized. Every human being feels responsible because he is aware of the good or bad consequences of his actions, and also has realized that other parties who really need, devotion or sacrifice.

In order to get results or increase awareness in responsibility, hence it is very necessary to undertake an effort through education, education and also devotion to God.

 Understanding Responsibility

To better understand what is meant by responsibility, you can refer to expert opinion regarding the definition of responsibility below. The following are the notions of responsibility according to experts:

Friedrich August von Hayek argues that the terms of responsibility are usually only used to cover up those responsibilities. Responsibility and freedom are two things that cannot be separated.

Because people who can be responsible for their actions and can also be accountable for their actions are only people who can make decisions and are also able to act without pressure from any party or freely.

George Bernard Shaw argues that the notion of responsibility is anyone who is able to apply all his knowledge and energy into an effective action, and can be useful if they also have to bear the akubat of what he does. Both in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Carl Horber argued that the notion of responsibility is that everyone must have the possibility in some situations of moral obligations [1945912] to be able to be accountable to others.

Benefits of Responsibility

 Benefits of Responsibility

The nature of responsibility must also be shared by everyone, because this trait has many benefits or benefits. Therefore we as humans must be responsible individuals. Here are some benefits of responsibility:

1. More appreciated by others

People who have a good nature of responsibility in general will be more valued by others. Because these qualities make him a person who can be relied upon and can be trusted to carry something.

2. Rarely make mistakes

People who have good responsibility are usually not easy to make mistakes. Because he is very careful about the tasks he does. And he was also very careful to check whether his work was done correctly or not.

3. Trustworthy

People who have good responsibility are also trusted by others. That trust was also obtained from the work that had been done by someone before.

Therefore, people who have the nature of responsibility get more trust from the community [1945901]organization and place of work.

4. Encouraging success

In connection with the above things, the nature of the responsibility a person has can also drive success. Because responsible people can be trusted, be more careful and also carry out their work properly.

5. Others are satisfied with the results of your work

By being a responsible person, you will focus on the final results of the job. Even the results of your work will focus as best you can.

That way, you will make other people satisfied with the results of your hard work. There will be many people who are comfortable near you because you are a responsible person.

Types of Responsibilities

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Responsibilities are also many kinds, for example that is like below:

1. Responsibility to oneself

Responsibility to oneself can also determine an awareness of each person to be able to fulfill their own obligations in developing their personality as human beings.

2. Responsibility to the family

Family responsibility consists of father, mother and children in it. And on this responsibility there includes safety, prosperity and harmonious life in a family.

3. Responsibility to the community

Responsibility to the community is a responsibility that must be carried out for every member of the community within it. To be able to continue to live in the community group. Then it is natural if all behavior and actions also must be accounted for by the community itself.

4. Responsibility to God

Every human being who has been born in this world must have a responsibility to God. And every person who has a religion must also know what responsibility he must bear.

Usually every religion has a prohibition that does not allow its adherents to do so. So if it is violated, then that person will be responsible in the hereafter.

Example of Responsibility

 Example of Responsibility

To make it easier for you to understand what is meant by kinds the above responsibilities, then below will give an example of responsibility based on the various responsibilities above:

1. Example of self-responsibility

An example of self-responsibility is that if a student wants to take the test tomorrow, he must study hard at night. And if he does not study and gets unsatisfactory results, then he must be responsible to himself because he did not study before the exam.

2. Examples of responsibilities to the family

An example of responsibility for the family is that a father must save his family from poverty, because father is the head of the family. Therefore, a father is responsible for the safety of his wife and children, and gives them a decent life by working diligently.

3. Examples of responsibilities to the community

Examples of responsibilities to the community are if there is someone who does not want to work together to clean the environment and prefer to be lazy. So he will get a reprimand from the village head in his area, because mutual cooperation is a responsibility of a member of the community.

4. Example of responsibility to God

An example of responsibility to God is that every religious person must obey the rules and obligations that are governed by the religion. Because this is the responsibility of the religious community.

Such is the discussion of the notion of responsibility. Hopefully with the article above, you can understand what is meant by responsibility.


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