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Understanding Programming Algorithm With Functions and Examples

What do you think comes first in your mind when you hear the word algorithm? It must be something to do with complicated and mathematical calculations. It is not wrong because an algorithm is closely related to the calculation, but here we will discuss more deeply about the understanding of algorithms in the world of programming.

Almost in all programming activities would not be separated with the name of the algorithm because it became the basis of the most important footing in making a program. Without more knowledge about programming algorithms then the results obtained certainly not maximal. One of the most important for a programmer before creating a program is to understand first the logic to be used or commonly called the algorithm to be used.

Although closely related to mathematical calculations but in fact algorithms in programming are not always about complicated calculations as well as Genetic Algorithm which is often used in solving cases related to mathematics. Immediately a further discussion of the understanding of programming algorithms you can see in the article below:

Understanding Programming Algorithm

 understanding of algorithms

Before knowing the programming algorithm first you must understand what is meant by the algorithm own. Definition of the algorithm is a sequence or flow used in the calculation or problem solving systematically, and in the activity of programming algorithms are often regarded as logic in the determination of the program to be made.

The point is how to think how to solve the problem, if must use the mathematical formula then in the program will use the element of calculation but if only using logic alone then in the program created only contain element of simple logic

Determination of algorithm in this programming is basic thing that must be known and become early stage in making program. The presentation of algorithms can be done into two forms, namely in the text and images, depending on the method or stage used by a programmer. The presentation in the form of writing usually uses pseudocode while in the form of images usually in the form of diagrams flowchart . The most difficult challenge is to implement an algorithm that is specified as a code or script that is organized and can run as desired.

The function of Programming Algorithm

 algorithm function is

It has been discussed earlier that understanding of algorithm understanding is very important for a programmer. A programming algorithm brings important advantages and functions in the making activity program . The following are the kinds of functions or advantages gained when applying algorithms in programming:

1. The use of algorithmic functions in programming can solve complicated problems in programs that may also involve high-level calculations. Because using calculations is often the program that is made not run properly because of an error, this can be minimized by implementing algorithms in programming.

2. More easier in making a large program because with the algorithm then the logic used can be more simplified. The use of code can also be more systematic if using the correct algorithm

3. In addition to facilitate the making of the program, to develop it was also easier because previously the script is made in order and systematic. So if you want to add a new function does not need to make from scratch, just put it on the right scope of the script.

4. Minimize the making of the program repeatedly start from the beginning because in fact some programs can also apply the same algorithm. So that in various programming activities can be more effective and efficient.

5. In making the program will certainly encounter some errors, this is very reasonable. And by applying the algorithmic function then error search can be easier and can be fixed quickly

6. When you want to change or make modifications to the program only need to be done on one module alone without the need to interfere with other modules. This is because your program has been arranged systematically making it easier if you want to change at any time.

7. Last use algorithm function in programming can also do top down approach and also divide and conquer. This is also important in the activities of programming.

Differences in Algorithms and Flowchart

 Differences in algorithms and flowcharts

Examples of flowcharts in programming

Previously it had been discussed that one form of presentation of algorithms is in the form of images or commonly known with a flowchart diagram. But in fact many people misunderstand that the algorithm is the flowchart itself. In this case we will slightly explain the actual differences and definitions of algorithms and flowcharts in order to avoid misunderstanding continuously.

Algorithm is a systematic flow or sequence to solve a problem and one method of delivery is through a flowchart. This should be quite obviously the most striking difference to the algorithm and the flowchart itself.

The actual algorithm is not only applied in programming but also in vast life, for example as we will cook boiled noodles. General stage should be done prepare the tools and materials first, then cook the water to boil then put the noodles and the last mix the spices and noodles that have been cooked. This can already be called a simple algorithm.

As for the flowchart itself is a depiction or diagram that has one or more streams and applies sequentially or in an easily mutually sustainable language. Usually there are certain symbols that become embodiments of each groove and are interconnected with arrows. Unlike the case with the algorithm of a flowchart has a function as a program design that we create so these two things will not be separated. The design of the flowchart is derived from our previous mindset (algorithm).


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