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Understanding Physical Fitness: Benefits, Objectives, Elements [LENGKAP]

Definition of Physical Fitness

In general, physical fitness is a variety of activities or activities that can nourish the body by exercising. Physical fitness has a very positive impact on your life and health.

So it is highly recommended if you do physical fitness activities or exercise regularly so that the body is healthier. With you getting more organized in physical fitness activities, your physical condition will be better and healthier.

 Understanding Physical Fitness According to Experts

In addition to understanding physical fitness in general, there are also some experts who explain understanding of physical fitness, as follows:

According to Joko Pekik Irianto, physical fitness is a person's ability to carry out their daily activities and work. In addition, they can still save energy to enjoy their quality time.

According to Rusli Lutan, physical fitness is a person's ability to carry out physical activities that require strength, flexibility, and strong endurance.

According to Prof. . Sutarman, physical fitness is a physical aspect that can provide strength and feeling capable or strong in living a productive life in a person. So that the person is easy to adjust to various kinds of physical conditions.

According to Judith Rink, physical fitness is a person's ability to carry out activities or routines that require considerable energy, but they do not feel excessive fatigue and still can enjoy enjoying its activities.

According to Giri Widjojo and Sumosardjuno, physical fitness is a condition of the body's ability to adjust tubal function within its physiological limits in an environment or can be interpreted as physical work efficiently without feeling exhausted. [19659011] Benefits of Physical Fitness

 Benefits of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness has a profound effect on the physical condition of everyone who does it. Therefore there will be many benefits obtained by us regularly doing physical fitness activities . Here are the benefits of physical fitness:

1. Avoid heart disease

Heart disease can be caused by a healthy diet and lifestyle. Therefore, if we are regular in carrying out physical fitness activities, chances are that we can avoid heart disease because our physical condition is getting healthier.

Cholesterol is a disease associated with oily food and too much fat. So that you regularly do physical fitness activities, then you can be a healthier person and can lower your cholesterol.

3. Improve mood or mood for the better

When the condition of the body is fit and fresh, then your mood or mood will also feel the same way which will feel better. You can get this with your regular physical fitness activities.

4. Prevent insomnia

Lack of sleep can be caused by a condition of the body that is less fit and stressful. Where can you overcome this with routine or regular exercise. Regular exercise can improve your physical condition to become healthier so that you can prevent you from insomnia .

5. Prevent premature aging

With regular exercise, the body condition will also be more fit so you can prevent premature aging in yourself. This is an important thing for yourself so that it can be a person who is still young.

6. Avoid obesity

By doing physical fitness activities, you can avoid obesity. Obesity is a disease associated with being overweight.

7. Avoid feeling tired quickly

Physical fitness activities carried out regularly can make the body fit, so that the body can avoid feeling tired quickly. Therefore, you are strongly advised to exercise regularly.

Physical Fitness Objectives

 Physical Fitness Objectives

Here are some goals for doing physical fitness:

1. Increase endurance

Activities carried out in physical fitness activities can improve the body's strength for the better. So you can do any kind of activity without feeling sick.

2. Increase muscle strength and speed

Muscle function and speed of body parts in carrying out various activities will experience the effects of physical fitness activities that have been carried out. So that by doing physical fitness activities regularly can increase muscle strength and speed of your body.

3. Improve blood circulation

Blood circulation is important to keep you healthy. So you need to do physical fitness activities to be able to improve smooth blood circulation.

4. Maintaining body condition

The condition of the body will get an impact from the activities that you do. So keep in mind that with you doing physical fitness activities can maintain your body's condition to be healthier.

5. Increasing joint flexibility

By doing physical fitness, the joints in your body will become healthier and more healthy.

Physical Fitness Elements

 Physical fitness Elements

Besides benefits and goals physical fitness, in physical fitness there are also supporting elements that you can learn. Here are elements of physical fitness:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Speed ​​
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Reaction

Well, when you know some information regarding the notion of physical fitness, now you are interested in living healthier isn't it? Healthy life is beautiful and many bring benefits to life. In addition, the brain's thinking process will also be faster when your body feels fit. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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