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Understanding of Corning Gorilla Glass and its advantages & disadvantages

When you buy a new smartphone in the shop, of course at the end of the transaction you will be offered by the seller's sales screen protector named Gorilla Glass. But there is also something that is not offered because the smartphone that you buy is likely to have gorilla glass installed.

So what exactly is Corning Gorilla Glass? We as middle-level smartphone users can call it a super-powerful screen protector, because when the smartphone screen protected by gorilla glass hit objects, then what was damaged was Corning Gorilla Glass. But for more details, let's see the following understanding of Corning Gorilla Glass?

Understanding of Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass is a coating technology that serves to protect the top layer of a smartphone from scratches or collisions. But even though it is able to protect the smartphone screen from a very hard impact, the layer of Corning Gorilla Glass itself has a thin thickness and does not interfere with smartphone users. So do not be surprised when your smartphone screen is hit by a crash but does not experience damage, even though when touched with a finger on the screen gives effect, but not when it is hit by a very hard impact.

 Understanding Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass Then how can a thin glass layer be able to protect the screen from impact? of course this is a very remarkable finding that was done by the manufacturer of Corning Gorilla Glass, The discovery began when a scientist from Corning experimented with placing photosensitive glass on a fireplace with a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius, even though the size of the temperature that must be set is 600 degrees centigrade, but what are the results of that experiment?

The first guess of a scientist is that the heated glass melts, but it turns out not, when the experimental material is released, scientists actually see frosted glass sheets. Then when the glass sheet is lifted, the scientist accidentally drops it, he thinks that when the glass falls, it will break, it doesn't, the glass sheet actually bounces when it falls to the floor.

But the Corning Gorilla Glass we use now is not a pure result of a failed discovery made by the scientist, because Corning Gorilla Glass is a modification of the successor scientist who later became technology coating and was named Corning Gorilla Glass, but the process of discovering Corning Gorilla Glass is not can be separated from the experiments carried out by the first scientist, even though it ended in failed experiments. Adding a new entity to a device will certainly have an effect, both positive and negative effects will definitely appear when that happens.

Then what are the consequences if we install a Corning Gorilla Glass to the surface of the smartphone screen that we have, here below are advantages and deficiencies when we use a smartphone with the addition of Corning Gorilla Glass.

1. The advantages of installing Corning Gorilla Glass

The installation of Corning Gorilla Glass on a smartphone will certainly bring positive effects, because our goal of installing Corning Gorilla Glass is to protect the smartphone screen, and if we install Corning Gorilla Glass, our screen will be protected from impact and when you accidentally drop a smartphone, because the producers themselves claim that based on their research, smartphone users at least drop the smartphone 5 times in one year.

 Definition of Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass

By using Corning Gorilla Glass when hit by a minor impact, your smartphone screen will remain protected, and no damage will occur. While when hit by a hard collision, what is broken is only Corning Gorilla Glass, the smartphone screen will be intact. And when that happens, all you have to do is replace the new Corning Gorilla Glass to maintain the beauty of your smartphone. no need to repair the smartphone screen.

2. Weakness of installing Corning Gorilla Glass

It seems that the positive effect of installing Corning Gorilla Glass will be more than the lack, the reason is lack of installing Corning Gorilla Glass only on the screen thickness is getting bigger. Maybe at the beginning of the use of a smartphone that has just been installed Corning Gorilla Glass will feel different.

But if it has been going on for a long time then it will get used to itself. Especially now that many smartphones from the factory have included Corning Gorilla Glass on smartphone screens that are incorporated seamlessly, and are not seen as there are additional protective Corning Gorilla Glass.

 Advantages and disadvantages of Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass

Another risk when installing Corning Gorilla Glass on a smartphone screen is when there is damage to the screen or Corning Gorilla Glass itself. Because you as a smartphone user, most of you can't release it yourself, because besides being fatal. It can also cause the screen to become dirty, preferably if this happens, it's better to bring your smartphone to your smartphone center, or smartphone store to replace Corning Gorilla Glass, because sellers usually have special liquid to clean the screen.

A full description of the complete understanding of Corning Gorilla Glass which is accompanied by its shortcomings and advantages, this article aims to make you as a smartphone user know more about what needs to be done so that the smartphone becomes more durable. Also, so that you are more careful in using a smartphone.

At least with this article, you become aware that the installation of Corning Gorilla Glass on a smartphone screen is mandatory so that the smartphone screen becomes more protected, hopefully this article can be additional knowledge and more benefits for you.


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