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understanding of computers and complete computer functions

Who of you do not know whose name is a computer? of course before getting to know more we must understand what the notion of the computer itself is not it? well a tool that can be used multi-function is already widely known to all the elderly, young and even anak2 though.

diera sophisticated era as now computers have been widely used in various areas of work such as in self-service2, offices, banks, schools and even shops , has become a trend now every home even has a computer with various types such as desktop computers, Laptops and Notebooks. although there is only a computer to use entertainment facilities such as playing games, listening to music, watching videos and many more.

but with the understanding of the object / tool of this multi-functionality every individual thinks to have a computer is a long way to progress the future which will come. then let us see pengertiaan2 what sajah that I will summarize from some references and sources that I can, hopefully increase the knowledge of the readers and visitors tuntor site, following the review.

understanding of computers

understanding of computers in general is a tool that used to process data according to procedures that have been formulated where the computer itself is an electronic device consisting of several components that work together to form a working system that can run the job automatically based on the order of the program or the instructions given to it so as to produce an information based on the program and existing data. the definition of computer understanding has undergone several changes following the development of the computer itself, said the computer derived from the Greek word " Computare " which means taking into account combining together. the word " com " means to combine in mind or mentally, while the word " putare " means thinking of computation or merging. in english " To Compute " which means counting. whereas according to some experts the understanding of computers is:

  • understanding according to Robert H. Blissmer computer is an electronic device capable of performing several tasks such as receiving input, processing input, storing commands2 and providing output in the form of information.
  • according to VC Hamacher et al computer is an electronic calculating machine that can quickly receive digital input information, process it with programs stored in its memory and produce information output
  • understanding according to Elias M. Awad computer is a calculator processing data to be presented in the form of digital data and analog data
  • understanding according to Donal H. Sanderes computer is an electronic system for data manipulation quickly and precisely and designed and organized to automatically receive and store input data, process it, and produces output under the supervision of a program instruction steps (operating system) stored in its stored program.
  • understanding by Larry Long & Nancy Long computer is an electronic calculating tool capable of interpresently also executing program commands for input, output, calculation, and o (19659007) the notion by Williams, Sawyer computer is a programmable multipurpose machine, which receives data (facts & graphics) and processes or manipulates it into information we can use. [19659007] understanding according to William M. Fuori
  • computer is a data processing tool that can perform large calculations quickly, including arithmetic and logical operation, without human intervention.

That's the computer sense according to some experts in the field you can conclude own sense of the computer that is advanced by experts to be a good description read and understood 😀

computer functions

while for the function of the computer itself I take the example in general & also felt me ​​personally as a means of communication, a means to facilitate the work, as a means of entertainment, business facilities, as a means of education, means peng peng endali (controling), means of information and there are many functions that are not. hence if in the case of the work of the era as now one can not use the computer and know the various functions of the computer to speed up its performance will be very hampering in the work. because almost all areas of work mostly use computerized system help

how to choose desktop computer

if you are looking for or want to buy a desktop computer device the best thing you should do is to determine in advance what purpose and requirement with computer will you buy. whether the computer is used to work everyday, just to play games, or will be used to open the internet etc. by knowing from the beginning of your desire and purpose of a computer device will make it easier to determine what kind of computer you will buy later. tips on choosing a computer

  1. specify what OS (Operating system) you want to use. should adjust to your skills in skills and habits in the use of this os. computer operating system there are several kinds of microsoft windows or macintosh. windows platform you can get with a cheaper price but has a pretty good speed.
  2. think first whether your computer will be used for what purposes? as we discussed above
  3. look for references to friends and relatives as well as your colleagues about what computers they have, where they buy and whether there are frequent problems with the computers they buy, and ask if they are happy / happy with the computer they have
  4. do not choose a computer just based on cheap price, but you will often be problem in the future. you better buy at a reasonable price but you can use in the long term
  5. in choosing a memory (RAM), you should choose as strong as you are able to support programs or applications that will install on your computer, ancient RAM ranging in size to 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB. but now the size of RAM increases with the development of the computer itself such as 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB Up to 16 GB with a fairly cheap price than when the computer is still a rare item.
  6. Look for BUS that has 2 usb connections or FireWire or ordinary also called IEEE 1394 connection, bigger then better. this will connect supporting devices such as PDAs, Digital cameras, Printers, Scanners, Camcorders and in-game functions.
  7. Look for a computer that already has CD / DVD RW, but can be used as CD / DVD player, CD / DVD RW you can use it to save data to CD / DVD and you can also watch videos from CD / DVD Player.
  8. Choose the type of computer hardware that comes from big company so you will get full trust in service and warranty whenever when there is a problem with your computer.
  9. use VGA Card (graphics) as well as sound card (sound card) of high quality. there are some software or games that require a high specification in the use of VGA Card. nowadays the average game and software require high hardware specifications to run.
  10. in choosing the hard drive (where to store the file), you should choose a large enough capacity so that all files like photos, videos, music and other data can be saved freely. the capacity of the hard drive has now reached the size of a terabyte

so it may be about a reference for those of you who will buy a desktop computer not far from the appropriate desire, if to be elaborated more about the selection of components it will seem very long and very long: D .

how to care for desktop computer

care for desktop computer both hardware and software it perludilakukan. so as not to easily arise disturbances such as noise in the loud, the computer performance becomes slow, the computer becomes hot and so forth.

the disorder often occurs due to the amount of dust attached to the hardware device and from some arrangement in the computer that is less neat or unorganized data management because of the abolishment of software2 previously installed on your computer.

The following important points are to be considered in the maintenance of desktop computers:

  • clean the motherboard periodically from dust
  • uninstall or remove any applications not often you use
  • clean the recycle bin on a regular basis
  • install antivirus program and update periodically
  • close useless programs
  • use UPS or Stavolt
  • activate screen saver on computer
  • defragment harddisk periodically
  • if necessary open one side comp uter desktop

because computers become daily necessities so keawetannya we need to keep in order to avoid disorders that menggu smooth in usage, so if the tips that I can convey according to the personal experience of the author himself. thus the article about understanding this computer I created.

hopefully the tips above can also help preserve your computer at home. hopefully admin given many opportunities to create articles about other computers.

thank you for visiting and reading on site tuntor.com


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