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understanding microsoft word function and how to create a page

Until now there are still many people who do not know what is a microsoft word, so from that I took the initiative to create an article about understanding microsoft word and microsoft word function and some ways that can be followed by beginners to use the application.

which is developed by microsoft office actually exist in one package like microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft power point, microsoft publisher, microsoft access and others. every application contained in microsoft office has the ability to vary depending on the needs of the consumer.

well from the name was already we can guess office if translated into the Indonesian language office, but for pemakain this application is not only intended for office workers only. students, teachers, journalists, secretaries and other occupations usually use this one application to simplify and speed up their performance. (19659005) microsoft word or we often short MS word is one of the software used to process word or document (word processor). this software often we encounter in every computer or laptop either history of where this software is mandatory mandatory installed on a computer, this word processing application is often used to make correspondence such as:

  1. Making a letter
  2. Making thesis / dissertation [19659007] Making a proposal
  3. Creating a bidding letter
  4. Making monthly statements
  5. Making tasks, etc.

In addition to being used for processing words or documents as above, you can also use additional facilities that is contained in MS word of which is as follows

  • Clip Art which is a facility to use the built-in images of the MS Word program.
  • wordArt which is a facility for using models letters or letters that are artistic.
  • Drawing ie the fascities for making charts, floor plans, flowcharts etc.
  • Math Equation ie for writing mathematical formulas
  • Chart that is to make graphs.

There are still many facilities contained in this MS Word application that I can not explain one by one because too much and will eat a lot of time.

microsoft word function

refers to the above understanding of MS Word function itself that is to help alleviate and mengefisienkan time someone in the daily work of course in the field of word processing or documents.

how to create pages in microsoft word

Then I will exemplify the basics of this application usage for beginners who want to learn about microsoft word application How to create a page in microsoft word Actually when you open the application program microsoft word automatically the application opens a new page but I mean here is setting the paper to be used before it can be printed, okeh follow the steps like i

  1. First when the application microsoft word is opened it will appear with new page as shown below   understanding microsoft word
  2. To set paper size click menu line page layout then click size as indicated on the image and then select one of the preferred paper sizes or match the paper to be printed out  microsoft word function
  3. Then if you are done and want to save the document data click button O ffiice button located at the top left corner of the page, to be more clear see in the picture below  how to make a page in microsoft word and save page
  4. Then will appear new window please type in file name to be saved and choose place where file will be saved, k (19459030) [19659000]
  5. Finish …

that's more or less the basic application of word processing word microsoft word is, for more advanced tuntor friend please develop your own using the application . how it turns out not too difficult instead of using this word microsoft application? even though between the buddy who was reading and also just want to learn would be able to follow the tutorial article about understanding microsoft word that I give.

well from year to year microsoft office always update its version as early as office published from microsoft office 3.0, microsoft office 4.0, microsoft Microsoft Office 2003 (Office 11.0), Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010 (Office 14.0) and Microsoft Office 2012. The goal is that the candidates and users more easily in • Original File • Back to Folder Copyright © 2011 Unikom Center use of this application

thus finished already an article about understanding microsoft word this time, hopefully the science we seek useful for all specially for reader (amin). hopefully on the other hand admin can write about other microsoft articles.

Thank you for visiting and reading on site tuntor.com


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