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Understanding Local Wisdom Are: Functions & Examples (Complete)

Definition of Local Wisdom

Local wisdom is a form of noble values ​​contained in the lives of certain people and these values ​​are part of applicable regulations and obeyed to achieve the goal of protecting and also protecting the environment so that it continues to grow and continue to be preserved and continue to be preserved

Wisdom means wisdom, and scholarship is needed in conducting communication or interaction while local means indicating a particular place or location. So local wisdom is something unique that exists in a particular place.

Local Wisdom Function

 Understanding Local Wisdom Is

After knowing more deeply about the understanding of local wisdom, we will now discuss the function of local wisdom itself, including:

1. Maintaining culture

The first function or function is to preserve or preserve local wisdom that has existed in certain people's lives that have existed since the days of our ancestors until the development of the present.

2. Identity

In addition, the function of local wisdom is as the identity of a nation. In addition, the local wisdom of each region is different so it is more unique and determines the culture of each region. This can be the identity of an area so that it can be easily recognized by other people .

3. Keeping away from foreign culture

The point is that the existence of local wisdom in each region can keep from the influence of foreign culture so that it does not just mix or destroy local wisdom that has long been maintained.

Example of Local Wisdom

1. Banyumas local wisdom

 Understanding Local Wisdom and Its Functions

Banyumas does have a variety of local wisdom. One of them is the typical language of Banyumas people which is commonly called the language ngapak . The language is indeed used by the people around Banyumas as the regional language or the local language.

Actually, this language is also used by the Banyumas, Sokaraja, Cilacap, Tegal and several other areas. There is a slogan that is very popular among them namely "ora ngapak ora penak" meaning if you don't use language you don't feel comfortable. The language is indeed the local wisdom of the area which is still maintained and preserved until now.

2. Bebie (Muara Enim, South Sumatra)

This local wisdom is a local wisdom in the form of a tradition or money tradition carried out by the people of South Sumatra in planting and harvesting the earth's income such as rice.

The tradition is a tradition of planting and harvesting rice which is carried out together together. The goal is to make the process of planting up to fast-growing rice yields and can be harvested.

After the rice is harvested, local residents will hold events such as joint celebrations with reasons or goals for gratitude and thanks to God because the process of planting to harvesting runs smoothly.

3. Balinese Traditional House

 Balinese Traditional House

Balinese House does have its own characteristics that must be in accordance with applicable regulations, namely Asta Kosala Kosali (a part of the Vedas used to regulate the layout of rooms and buildings, such as we know Feng Shui in Chinese Culture)

Based on the philosophy of the Balinese people, dynamism in life will be achieved if there is a harmonious relationship and the harmonious relationship can be achieved in accordance with the aspects of weakness, pawongan, and also severity.

Relating to this, the location of the relationship can also be said harmonious if the inhabited place is comfortable and in accordance with applicable customs. So the construction of a house must include these predetermined aspects.

These aspects are Pawongan which is a place for everyone who wants to inhabit and live or occupy the house. The second aspect is the weakness which means that in a relationship there must be an orderly, good, and loving relationship between the occupants of the house with other occupants or residents of the house with the surrounding environment.

In general, buildings or typical designs in Bali are dominated or filled with some unique decorations such as wood carvings that are formed in such a way as to be a beautiful home decoration, besides that there are also tools and giving the appropriate color.

The variety of decoration provided is indeed not arbitrary because it contains certain meanings. This is an expression of the meaning of beauty on signs, symbols or symbols as a form of communication delivery .

In addition, there are also various forms of ornamentation derived from fauna types and have uses as symbols or symbols. traditions displayed in sculpture

Entering the present age, people living in cities in Bali have experienced rapid changes and developments. They have rarely built traditional Balinese traditional houses, their homes are more in line with the style that is developing today such as modern minimalist style houses and this is because it is more practical in development and also does not require too much land area.

4. Begalan (Banyumas)

 Definition of Local Wisdom and Examples

In addition to the language of the father, Banyumas also has another tradition that is so. Begalan is a typical Banyumas ceremony held at a wedding. This happens if the bridegroom is the eldest son. Begalan is a traditional tradition from Banyumas, which is a combination of speech / comedy, and dance accompanied by musical music.

Like most traditional dances, movements in dance are not necessarily in accordance with certain dance or dance guidelines, which the most important dances performed in accordance with the rhythm of gending music.

For the number of dancers in the mix usually consists of 2 people, one person is tasked to bring goods or kitchen equipment called Gunareka, and one other person acts as a robber or robber or which is called Rekaguna.

Goods or equipment carried by the second player are fans or ilir, steam, ian, stingray, kekeb, filter dregs, irus, siwur, wangkring, kendhil and other items. This luggage is called brenong braids. Robbers in this role carry wooden swords called wlira. For clothing used by players is very simple, and usually uses typical clothing there is Java.

5. Seni Ludruk (East Java)

Ludruk is one of the original local wisdoms in East Java. Ludruk is a typical art of East Java which is usually played by arts groups on stage, which generally all the players are men.

Ludruk stories usually originate from everyday people's lives so that ludruk is more easily accepted and delivered. In fact, ludruk can be told using other versions of the theme of the story, but most are taken from daily life. Nevertheless ludruk also has moral messages in every story that he brings.

That is an explanation of the understanding of local wisdom, function, and types. Hope it is useful.


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