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Understanding Latepost With the Difference with Repost (Complete)

The development of social media is currently increasing sharply. The number of social media users will increase each year. With the growing number of existing social media users, freedom of access to all information in social media will be a very easy thing to do. With a variety of social media support that can be used by everyone can make a variety of choices for people who will use social media. Social media can be a media to convey aspirations and all information. Because it is infinite, social media can be used for various things to support the needs of each individual's life.

By maximizing the use of social media in a positive activity it can increase the social benefits of the media itself and bring the benefits that the user desires. With the use of social media with the whole that can increase the use and benefits of various fields that can be accessed by using social media. With the social media, the amount of social media usage will increase drastically because in every time social media is used.

In the use of social media, it will involve several sections ie photos, pictures or video accompanied by caption explanation. With the explanation, everything posted will be easily understood by others. To post something in social media there are no specific rules. Each post can be tailored to the wishes of each social media users. In posting an information or any thing in social media can be divided into two things namely latepost and repost. The two things are different things.

Latepost understanding

 sense of latepost and the difference with repost

Latepost is an activity post something that has happened. Latepost consists of two word structures ie late and post. Late means late, while post means post. Latepost can be interpreted by posting something in social media with a late time. An event or moment can be posted anytime according to the wishes of each social media user. Given the various moments experienced by each individual, a person can have a lot of material or content that can be posted in social media.

Posting a post on social media is no specific rules because it can not be limited in such a way. Freedom of posting is a property of social media users. Although a submission or moment is posted late it is a social media user right. One example of sending latepost is when we capture a vacation moment to a tourist spot. Users can post photos of the holiday after he finishes the holiday. It can be named as latepost. Because the post is posted only when the user is finished running the activity and there is a distance of some days.

With the latepost, users can express their opinions or information about what they post. Latepost can be used to relive postings that have not been posted in social media. Latepost can make a function or a way to post a moment that has been missed but still wants to post in social media. In this way, the process of posting moments or posts can make interesting posts memorable.

Latepost and Repost Differences

 Latepost and repost differences

Latepost and repost are two different things. While the equation owned by latepost and repost are both things are both post something to the social media in accordance with the wishes of each social media users. The difference between latepost and repost is as follows:


1. Used to post activities that have been passed

Latepost used to post an event or a moment that has been missed but still want to be remembered. With the latepost, one can freely post various activities or moments that they do on other days. Latepost can represent feelings for something newly posted against missed activities. Although the activity has passed, the post will still be done as a form of memories of its own.

2. The distance is not too long

The time span of the post with the time of the activity takes place is in the near time span. With such close proximity, the posting time can still be said to be normal because it does not take too long with the activity time.


1. Sending or re-posting a post

Unlike latepost, repost can be said to be reposted a post. Reposted postings can be from various sources. Various submissions can be freely re-posted in accordance with the wishes of social media users. With that in mind, you will be free to post a post other people, to disseminate the information contained in the post.

Sharing information is a positive action because it can spread information to others. In the presence of a repost, one can easily repost postings

2. No time-based

Repost is not based on the timing of a thing. By performing a repost all submissions we want to be re-posted can be easily posted again regardless of the timing of the event. With this in mind, whenever and wherever individuals are able to post or repost multiple posts from other posts and other sources

3. Refer to another person's account or other source

Repost must include references or referenced sources. That way, the owner of the original submissions can find out who is re-posting the post, and how many people who post it.

Latepost can be done anytime and anywhere in accordance with the wishes and needs of each social media users. With the latepost, one can still remember the events or moments they have passed.


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