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Understanding Information and Functions & Types of Information (Complete)

Almost any time you must have heard the term information. When you watch television, listen to radio, or read online media the thing you get is also an information. Then, what is the understanding of that information? Information becomes a necessary thing for one's life. With information, a person becomes more aware of new things that have never been known before.

Today, information is not just writing or speech, but information has been equipped with some images to draw attention to the listener. The question is, do you know for what exactly information is made? The types of information that exists today until an example of information that is still often mistaken.

In this article, we will explain the notion of information, functions along with the types of information and examples of information that you can understand. Reading it can add insight to information. Simply go to the first discussion below regarding the notion of information

Understanding Information

 understanding information and information functions

The term information is often linked in the scope of the use of technology. In fact, information has a broad scope of meaning, not just as it is known all along, Information Technology. Then, what is the meaning of information? The term "Information" is derived from Old French (1387) which they derive from the use of Latin informatinem which has the meaning of code, idea or outline.

Some scholars have different opinions about the notion of this information . Therefore, the understanding of the information depends on the person who needs the information. Information is a set of data that has been processed into a form that can be understood by the recipient and useful in making decisions. From that sense, the information is clearly different with data . Then, what is data? Data is a raw material in the form of fact or reality that has not been processed

Thus, the data becomes a source in the information. The data is used as input, where the input will be processed or processed with various methods to produce an information. That information is acceptable to the recipient. Then, the recipient can use the information to make a decision. Therefore, information and data are an indistinguishable entity.

The Information function

 information function is

Basically, information is a necessary component of communication. Because, there are some major elements that you should know in communication, namely speaker (communicator), listener (communicant) and message (message). Well, this message can be said as information.

Before conveying information, you must first understand the function of information so that the information you convey has benefits to the listener. Below we will describe some of the functions of information

1. Sources of New Knowledge

Perhaps you are still confused the linkage between information with new sources of knowledge. An information can be said as a source of new knowledge. Why is that? Information submitted by a valid source-based communicator will add insight to you as a listener. It may be that information you have not known before

Once you know the information, then you gain a new knowledge. For example, the Internet can be used as a medium for accessing information. You can search information on any subject by using internet .

2. Entertainment Media

An information also has function as entertainment media. The information is packed with light language accompanied by interesting images so you become entertained with the information you have received.

3. Eliminate Uncertainty

With information, it can eliminate uncertainty. Why? Let's say you have your own understanding of a thing, but you are not so sure of that understanding. Therefore, you can obtain information from any source that supports with your understanding so that it can remove the uncertainty of the understanding.

4. News Sources

Information can be used to broadcast news in communication. For example, the information you get from various media, such as television, radio, newspapers or anything else becomes one of the information you can receive.

5. Affect Mass

An information you have gained, will indirectly affect you. Let's say that the information is about the interests of the party you want to know, by receiving the information you may believe or even be sympathetic to the party concerned.

6. Socialization of Policy

Usually, when there is a new policy in the world of government, then the thing that needs to be done so that people know it is to communicate. Communication can be done by way of socialization.

7. (19659004) Types of Information

 Types of Information

It has been said before that the notion of information depending on the context that occurs. That way, information is also divided into several types. The following will be explained about the types of information


Factual information means factual or factual information that can be proven.
  • Opinion or Concept : Information can also explain the opinions expressed by others.
  • Description : Information in the form of description means information in which it contains all explanations of something in detail.
  • 2. Types of Information Pursuant to Use

    When viewed on the basis of their usefulness, information is divided into:

    1. Information That Increases Knowledge : An information can add to the knowledge that you have not known before
    2. Information Based on Presentation : Information can also be presented into several forms, such as news, articles, essays and more.

    3. Types of Information by Sector of Life

    The information is made into categories such as education, sports, health, lifestyle and others

    4. Types of Information by Location of Occurrence

    Information made on the basis of the scene is divided into two parts, namely domestic information and foreign information.

    Information Example

    Consider the following example:

     sample information 1

    Example of unclear information

    Is the above example can be said as information? The example is categorized as data. Why is that? Because the picture above does not provide a clear and meaningful sense for the reader.

    While an information is said to be useful if the information provides understanding for the reader. Therefore, to make the data a useful information for the reader, the data must be processed first, resulting in the following results:

     sample information 2

    Example of clear information

    That is the discussion of understanding information, information functions, types of information and examples. By knowing it, you are expected to understand the function of the information. Because, basically the information is the most important element in communication.


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