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Understanding ICTs along with the Benefits and History of ICT Developments

In a very modern era today almost in all the technologies are also undergoing continuous development. One of them is in the field of information and communication technology. Some or even some people must have used and felt familiar with this term, but in reality there are still many who do not understand about the actual definition of information and communication technology. In the world of education had already started more taught given the role and position of information and communication technology is very important in everyday life.

Basically, the term ICT or information and communication technology consists of two parts that complement each other and are equally important for life ie information and communication, so that basic understanding of the two things is required. And in this article we will review thoroughly about the understanding of ICT or information and communication technology along with the benefits and history of its development from the past to the present. Immediately, for a full review of ICT understanding you can see below:

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It has been briefly explained that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) consists of two aspects ie technology information and communication technologies. Information technology is all about process, manipulation and usage as information management tool. Examples of its use are like the internet, radio and others. While communication technology is anything related to the process in supporting the delivery or distribution of data from one device to another device. Examples of its use is in the telephone, mobile phone and many more.

By looking at the above explanation it can be concluded that ICT is a combination of information technology and communication technology, so it can be defined as a matter related to the process, manipulation and use of media to sending or transmitting information from one device to another. One of the factors of the emergence of ICT is the development of technology computerization since the 20th century to the present.

History and Development of ICT

 Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

very rapidly then it is quite interesting also to discuss the history and development of ICT. There are several milestones or factors of emergence until the development of information and communication technology from the past until now. Starting from the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875 which was the beginning of the creation of a communications network with using cable . Initially this telephone network only covers the American territory alone but slowly began to develop to trans Atlantic and eventually become a medium of global communication (almost covering the whole world).

And enter the 20th century, exactly between 1910 and 1920 began to emerge network technology wireless communication embodied in the first AM radio broadcast. This wireless voice communication was later developed into audio-visual communications and realized in a television set invented around 1940. And the peak in 1943 found the first electronic computer to complement the application of information and communication technologies around the world.

In Indonesia itself has also started to recognize and apply information and communication technology even before independence. This is evidenced in the announcement of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia by using radio intermediaries to all corners of the archipelago. In Indonesia itself has also known telematics or telematics that has a meaning more or less the same as ICT (information and communication technology).

The benefits of ICT

 The benefits of ICT

With its important role and presence in almost all activities we certainly prove that ICT (information and communication technology) has many benefits. And this time the author will explain the 5 major benefits of ICT, namely as follows:

1. Media for exchanging information

With the existence of ICT everyone can more easily access information even within the grasp by using internet facility in and computer. Internet users can also exchange information and deepen their knowledge wherever and whenever.

2. Means of communication

As human social beings surely require interaction or communication with each other. Previously to establish interaction we still use the media letter and use the postman service but now can be overcome with the utilization of information and communication technology such as using email, phone or even with social media which is currently a trend of its own.

3. Easing learning

If in the old days the media of learning only in the form of books and newspapers with limited reach but now there is internet which gives freedom for the user learn everything. Various sites are available and will continue to grow as a means of exchanging knowledge. There are also facilities E-Book and videos containing specific learning

4. Cost-effective

Given its important role in the community, utilizing information and communication technology will also have a positive impact in terms of costs incurred. For example for those of you who want to sell something does not need to build a kiosk or store because by utilizing the internet you can create an online marketplace with only internet data capital only.

5. Increasing the productivity of a job

Information and communication technology is almost always used in all areas even including to support a job or even increase productivity. With the development of information and communication technology, of course, present new products such as chat or even interconnected computers in a network.

That is the discussion of the times of understanding ICT along with the benefits and history of ICT development from time to time. Without ICT, it is impossible for us to enjoy the full range of advanced technology today. The existence of ICT is very important role to support human activities.


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