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Understanding Hyperlink Are: Functions & Types (Complete)

Definition of Hyperlink

What is hyperlink? Hyperlinks are also referred to as links that serve as a reference between hypertext documents to other documents. That is, a hyperlink is a method used to connect between certain parts contained in slides, programs, document files, as well as web pages to other parts. Hyperlink plays an important role as a bridge to connect between files and programs to connect with other files or programs.

When you click hyperlink then you will automatically be taken to a page, file, or program that is connected or connected with the hyperlink. So, you don't need to look for the file, especially if its position is in a complicated folder. With hyperlinks, you are just one click away and immediately taken to your destination.

Hyperlinks will also easily help when they want to move from one place to another. The transfer does not have to always utilize an internet connection. The transfer process is simple and effective and won't take much time.

Hyperlink Function

 Definition of Hyperlink Is

Then what exactly is the function of hyperlinks? As mentioned earlier, the function that is owned by a hyperlink is as a bridge to connect between programs, files, and also one page to another page. Displacement is carried out simply by pressing just one click. In addition, a hyperlink is a function that is in HTML or Hypertext Markup Language) which is a shortcut or a shortcut in order to reach or go to other information.

You need to know that usually the text inside having a hyperlink will be different from the plain text in presentation page or website. Usually the color of the text is blue like the color of the URL. When the cursor or pointer mouse is directed to the text, the hyperlink will be clearly seen, the color of the text will also automatically change.

When the text is clicked, the hyperlink will take it to the desired destination in accordance with the hyperlink settings at the beginning (before displayed). Hyperlinks can also be entered into text or images very easily. When the image or text is clicked, the reader is automatically taken to the desired text or image.

Types of Hyperlinks

After you obtain information regarding the meaning and function of the hyperlink. So below this we also have information that is no less important, namely relating to the types of hyperlinks.

1. Absolute Address

This type of absolute address is a hyperlink that requires an internet connection to use. Hyerplink this one is used to create a shortcut in the form of a URL that when clicked will immediately be brought to the URL. These shortcuts will be in the form of absolute URL addresses that must be completely written, including protocols, paths, file names, and also network locations.

You will easily find this type of hyperlink on various internet sites that will be directly linked to a specific link when you click it. This is beneficial in increasing the number of website visitors.

2. Relative Address

Actually, relative addresses are not much different from the types of hyperlinks that we have mentioned before. Although the same in terms of function, but relative addresses have quite different ways of using. The URL address that is listed later is a relative URL address. The address will not mention the protocol and also its network location. Then what is displayed? As for what is displayed only the file name and path too.

3. Link Section

For this third type of hyperlink is the type of hyperlink that is most widely used, especially for those who want to make a section contained in various company documents. By using this type of hyperlink, the document will be directly linked to the document and also other files. That way, the user can immediately find the desired document very easily.

As additional information that for features possessed by hyperlinks are already available by default on Ms. Word, Ms. Power Point, or also Ms. Excel . By using hyperlinks, you can create a personal dictionary that you can later use to link or link hyperlinks to various foreign terms in the file or document so that the reader or audience can find out the meaning of the foreign term.

How to Making Hyperlink

 Understanding Hyperlinks and How to Make It

No less important information is understanding how to create hyperlinks. Below we will explain to you about how to create hyperlinks that you can do yourself. As information that you can create a hyperlink, either through Ms. Excel and Ms. Power Point.

  • The first step you must take is to block certain parts of the text in an excel, word, or power point file that you later want to link to another file.
  • Second step, you must select the menu ] insert and then you click hyperlink . Later you will automatically be directed to the file manager. Then you just determine which files you want to insert the hyperlink.
  • When you have finished creating the hyperlink. Click OK.

How easy is it right? Now you can create hyperlinks that will be very useful when you present where you don't have to open a folder to show documents or files to the audience.

That is our explanation regarding the meaning of hyperlinks and their functions, and various types of hyperlinks. Hopefully this information is useful and can help make it easier for you when you want to create a hyperlink.


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