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Understanding, History, How to Play it [LENGKAP]

Definition of Volleyball

What is the meaning of volleyball? The definition of volleyball is one of the major ball sports played by two teams or teams, each team consists of 6 people. The basic way to play volleyball can be done by volleyball, which is to reflect the ball just above the net by hand (handball). In other words, volleyball should only be done by using both hands, but it is also permissible to use the feet at certain times.

Each team will try to show agility in dropping the ball into the opposing arena's field line to obtain the score of the win in the match. For the team will be declared a winner when it reaches the limit point, which is 25 points.

The organization that oversees volleyball sports is named FIVB ( Federation Internationale de VolleyBall) founded in 1948 as the parent of an international organization with members consisting of 15 countries. In Indonesia alone, the volleyball watchdog organization is called PBVSI (Indonesian Volleyball Association).

A Brief History of Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the sports often contested, for example when the Asian Games are known or known as designation Asian Games in 2018 in Indonesia. Seeing its popularity today is inseparable from the role of history that has scalloped volleyball to the whole world.

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Did you know that volleyball was originally called the sports name Mintonette? This is in accordance with the name given by the inventor, namely William G. Morgan, who was born in 1870 in Lockport, New York. He worked as a physical education instructor or better known as the term Director of Phsycal Education at the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) on February 9, 1985 in Holyyoke, Massachusetts, United States.

Inspiration of volleyball itself happened when Morgan met James Naismith who was born on November 6, 1861. Naismith was a creator of basketball games since December 15, 1891. After a few years later, William G. Morgan created a sport known as Mintonette.

Actually, Mintonette is a game created by combining several types of sports, such as basketball, tennis, handball, and baseball. At the beginning of its development, mintonette was specifically intended for people who were not young. That was why the game was less popular than basketball.

However, the name Mintonette changed its name to volleyball during the inaugural match demonstration at the International YMCA Training School in 1896. Since then, the game volleyball is well known and popular until now.

In Indonesia, volleyball came in since the Dutch occupation in 1928 which was carried through the trade route. The needs of the Indonesian people for sports have resulted in volleyball becoming increasingly popular and popular until now.

Purpose of Volleyball Games

 Purpose of Volleyball Games

Volleyball is included in a large ball sport that is sought after by all circles, both young to parents. However, there are still many people who do not know the purpose of volleyball because they are more focused on mastering the technique. For this reason, here I will explain some of the objectives of volleyball games.

1. Reflecting the Ball Above the Net

Through the above understanding it appears that the purpose of volleyball is related to the main rules that are in it, namely bouncing the ball over the net or net. Almost all ball sports have this goal in place, where both teams will try to reflect the ball over the net in order to fall right in the field which cannot be reached by opponents.

2. Maintaining Physical Fitness

Just like other sports goals, volleyball games also have the purpose of maintaining physical fitness . Because, volleyball players need several physical components, namely durability, strength, flexibility and speed. Thus, someone who likes to play volleyball will have excellent stamina which keeps his body in shape even though there are various activities performed.

3. Achieving Achievements

As stated above, volleyball is a sport that is often contested. Not surprisingly, many people continue to learn and understand the techniques used in volleyball. By mastering these skills can make it as an athlete, who someday will help him to achieve achievements in each match.

4. Establishing Inter-player Solidarity

Basically, sports carried out in groups have a direct impact on each player, which is to increase high solidarity among fellow players. It was very influential with the performance of players becoming more compact when on the field.

Volleyball Game Time

Unlike other large ball sports, volleyball does not have a time limit system . However, the conditions of the winning team are seen from its speed in collecting points 25 or .

There are two systems used in determining the winning team, namely two winning sets and [19459959] ] three winning set. Two winning sets are matches that will end when one team gets two sets of wins directly. While the three winning set is a match that ends when one team wins three sets of wins directly.

How to Play Volleyball

 How to play volleyball

Below will explain how to play volleyball that you can apply to become a reliable player.

1. Need Intention and Effort

In general, intention is a key to starting various activities. Likewise with intentions that must be applied in a boli ball game, where you have to convince yourself to be able to play volleyball. However, the intention must also be accompanied by your efforts by trying to find out things that are related to volleyball games.

2. Mastering Techniques in Volleyball Games

After you have the intention, try to master the techniques used in volleyball games. There are 4 basic techniques used, namely the service [194599010] passing smash and blocking . By practicing regularly, you can become a reliable player.

3. Applying Strategy in Playing

Applying a strategy in volleyball is also very necessary. You can work with the team to arrange player formation when conducting matches and determine the ability to attack the opponent's area to win the match.

4. Understanding the Volleyball Game Rules

After you have done the methods above, there is a final method that is no less important, that is, understanding the rules of volleyball. That way, you are able to become a player who has a high level of professionalism.

Such is complete information about the definition of volleyball, history, its purpose, volleyball time to how to play volleyball. Hopefully the above article is useful for you and thank you.


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