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Understanding FREEWARE Are: Functions, Strengths and Examples

Understanding Freeware

Hearing the word software is certainly already a familiar thing in our ears, especially those who are in the world of computerization. Discussing about freeware is also certainly not separated from the name of this software.

This is because in essence the software is divided into many types namely freeware, shareware and rentalware, then there are also adware, open source and others – others. But in this article the author will discuss freeware, including understanding, functions and advantages, as well as examples of freeware that we may often encounter.

If viewed in terms of language, the definition of freeware is a software that free or free. The purpose of free here is you can get and use freeware applications, but there are still restrictions on the rights of the creator. In contrast to open source software, although free, but the creator of freeware has certain policies so that users cannot modify or change in any form.

Functions and Strengths of Freeware

 Understanding Freeware is

Because the amount of software sold at high prices, the existence of pirated and cracked software is common in the internet. This is certainly not justified even though many middle class people complain about the high tariff set by software developers . This is the function and the advantages of freeware applications, because its presence can reduce dependence on pirated applications and can be obtained free of charge. If there is a freeware that is not paid, why should choose paid software with features and quality that is not much different?

Ease of use can also be another advantage of freeware. Besides not requiring a fee, we can also get the original version of freeware directly from the manufacturer's website. We also don't need to mess around looking for crack or serial number which is usually often done to complete pirated software installations.

Being free also does not mean lowering the standard or quality of freeware type applications. Because some of them also have become the main choice, for example is software called Opera which has become one of the top 3 internet browsers most enjoyed.

One of Opera's rivals, Google Chrome, also includes freeware, This one is definitely almost everyone already knows and has used it. There is also a type of freeware that has a function to advertise products or other information, commonly called adware (free software with advertisements).

Examples of Freeware Software

 Functions and Strengths of Freeware Software that is classified as free or freeware actually very much. But on this occasion the author wants to give an example of some and which may be most often used in daily life, namely as follows:

1. Google Chrome

Software released by one giant company called Google has now become one of the most popular internet browsers. Its function is to access the internet with the default search engine, Google Search, which is currently also the best search engine.

On mobile phones, this application is usually set up and used to access the internet more stable when compared to the default browser. [19659016] 2. Avira Free Antivirus

The following freeware software is also one of the best in its class. As the name implies, Avira Free Antivirus is a virus-preventing software for your computer. Although classified as old software and free, but the reliability of this software need not be doubted.

3. Whatsapp

Whatsaap can be found on mobile and PC versions, and both are freeware or free software. Even though there is Whatsapp for the paid business class, users prefer the regular version because its main function as a communication media has been very fulfilled.

For the mobile version you can already get Whatsapp on Play Store or Google Play, while for the PC version you can also get it free on the Whatsapp official website. Both have almost the same function and appearance.

4. Youtube Downloader

One of the big companies called Youtube also provides freeware software as a support for users who want to download various videos provided by Youtube itself. Because it is made by Youtube this software is indeed preferred for downloading from the Youtube site only, but this is not a problem because the Youtube site is at the forefront in terms of video providers on the internet.

5. Opera

This freeware software has been discussed before and it is still an alternative for users who want to access the internet. As a free internet browser Opera also has various advantages, it can be in terms of speed and security.

6. Foxit Reader

The use of .pdf files certainly will not be separated with pdf viewer software to view their contents. Foxit Reader comes with a function so that users can read documents with the extension .pdf, .ppdf, fdf, xfdf, and xdp. Its use is free because it is classified as freeware software and is quite fast making Foxit Reader currently able to compete with applications such as Adobe Reader.

7. GOM Player

For connoisseurs of audio video or perhaps those who are involved in the multimedia world are certainly familiar with this freeware, namely GOM Player. This Freeware GOM Player has the main function as a device that can see or listen to audio and video files and can even be given special effects. As a free media player, this software turns out to be able to play AVI, MPEG, DivX, DAT, VOB, MP4, 3GP, RMVB, FLV, and MOV file formats.

That is a freeware understanding tutorial along with functions, advantages and examples of freeware that need to be known . Hopefully useful and easy to understand.


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