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Understanding EXPOSITION TEXT As well as its Purpose & Types [LENGKAP]

Definition of Exposition Text

Exposition text is a paragraph that contains a number of information or knowledge written in a solid, concise and clear form. In the exposition text there are scientific or non-fictional statements such as discussions on [1945995] economics, education, social and others.

According to KBBI (Indonesian Dictionary), exposition text is a description or exposure that aims to explain the intent and purpose, for example an essay.

 Definition of Exposition Text is

Besides seeing the notion of exposition in general, you should also see its understanding based on the opinions of experts so that you are able to understand the notion of exposition text better. Following below is the understanding of exposition text according to experts.

1. Gorys Keraf (1995: 7)

According to Gorys Keraf exposition text is a form of discourse that attempts to decipher objects so that they can broaden the views or knowledge of the reader. The main purpose of this text is to provide information about a particular object.

Then, according to Gorys Keraf, there are several conditions that must be fulfilled by an author in writing exposition texts, namely:

  • Authors should know and master the object of the problem he will write. The text he will write must be included with evidence and facts that are real and strong so as not to direct the reader to things that are not true (hoax).
  • Authors must also be able to analyze the object of the problem clearly and concretely.

2. Nasucha (2009: 50)

According to Nasucha, the exposition paragraph aims to explain, explain, convey information, teach, and explain something without an invitation or insistence that the reader accept or follow it. The purpose of exposition text is to present knowledge or knowledge, definition, understanding, steps of an activity, method, method and process of occurring something.

3. Alwasilah (2005: 111)

According to the Alwasilah, exposition text is writing whose main purpose is to clarify, explain, educate, or evaluate a problem. The aim is to provide information or instructions to the reader.

4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary [1945995]

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, exposition text is a role word in explaining or explaining something.

Purpose of Exposition Text

 Purpose of Exposition Text

After you understand what the text is exposition, the next question is what is the purpose of the exposition text? The purpose of exposition text in general is to explain or explain a number of information in order to increase the knowledge or insight of its readers regarding a matter or event.

Information contained in the exposition text must be submitted briefly, densely and clearly and must be in accordance with the structure of the exposition text that has been determined. For more details about the purpose of the exposition text, you can see the objective points below.

  1. Explain and describe certain object problems in detail so as to make the reader understand the problem as a whole.
  2. Presenting a number of information accompanied by data and facts about a problem.
  3. Delivering factual data related to the issues discussed.
  4. Describing object problems that are discussed comprehensively.
  5. Discussing problem objects through scientific perspectives accompanied by visiting theories and also evidence – scientific evidence.
  6. Include opinions objectively and can also be accounted for based on related facts and data.

Types of Exposition Texts

 Types of Exposition Texts

Finally, I will explain the types exposition text. Following below is an explanation of the types of exposition texts.

1. Illustrated Exposition Text

Illustrated exposition text is a type of exposition paragraph that describes information from a topic by giving a simple description or explanation of a topic to another topic that has similarities in nature or similarities in certain other matters. Usually, illustrated exposition text uses connecting phrases.

2. Exposition Text Definition

Definition exposition text is a type of exposition paragraph that only focuses on explaining the definition or definition of a particular topic in depth / detail.

3. Report Exposition Text

The exposition text of the report is a type of exposition paragraph that describes the report or news of a particular event or research.

4. Comparative Exposition Text

Comparative exposition text is a type of exposition paragraph where the main idea or idea is expressed by comparing it with something else that is different or the same.

5. Process Exposition Text

Process exposition text is a type of exposition paragraph that explains the procedure or steps in doing something systematically, ie from beginning to end (finish).

6. Exposition Exposition Text

Exposition text is a type of exposition paragraph that contains contradictions or differences between things with other things in accordance with the issues being discussed. Basically, this exposition text is almost similar to the comparative exposition text, only this exposition text discusses its opposition.

7. Exposition Text Analysis

Analysis exposition text is a type of exposition paragram that separates a problem from its main idea into several sub-sections and then develops these sub-sequences in sequence.

Characteristics of Exposition Text Language 19659045] Characteristics of Exposition Text Linguistics ” width=”600″ height=”286″/>

An exposition text has several linguistic characteristics which are its constituent elements. The following below are some linguistic characteristics of the exposition text.

1. Has Topics

In an exposition text there must be a topic that contains object problems that will be discussed informally. The information contained in an exposition text must be packaged in a short form ( to-the-point), solid, and directed. In addition, the exposition text must be supported by strong and accurate facts and data that can be presented in the form of tables or graphics .

2. Presenting Facts

Exposition text is a text that is scientific or non-fiction. This means that the explanation and information contained in an exposition text must be supported by factual evidence and evidence that can be accounted for. This fact is used to clarify or strengthen the information provided so that it can gain the trust of its readers.

3. Language Style and Writing

The style of discussion and writing of exposition texts is informative and directed and must be in accordance with the rules of EYD (Enhanced Spelling) that apply. The choice of words in the exposition text must be adjusted to the target audience so that readers can understand the intent and purpose of the text properly. Avoid using familiar terms that are not familiar with so as not to make it difficult for readers to absorb information from the text.

4. Use of pronouns (words replace)

In exposition text, you are allowed to use pronouns (pronouns) like me, when, when, this. You need to know that pronouns are only allowed when the author wants to convey his personal opinion about the problem being discussed. Nevertheless, it must remain objective.

5. The Lexical Word

The lexical word is a word or leksem as a symbol of objects, objects, events, and others. The meaning of this lexical word is the element of language that is free from use or context. An example is the word "rat" which means: "rodents that are capable of causing typhus". The following below are some elements of language in the lexical word.

  • Nouns (noun) : words that refer to other objects or objects, whether real or abstract such as tables, animals, chairs.
  • Verbs (verb) : words that refer to actions, processes, or circumstances that do not belong to properties such as eating, running, sleeping.
  • [Adjective] [adjective] : the word that gives information about the condition of a person, objects, animals, atmosphere, and others such as beautiful, tasty, bad.
  • Adverb (adverb) : a word that provides information about place, time, method, and others as in, from, when, tomorrow.

Well, hopefully the discussion of the notion of exposition text and its purpose, linguistic characteristics, and types of exposition texts as explained above is useful. Thank you!


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