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Understanding Data With Data Functions and Types (Complete)

An information that you give or receive is the result of data processing. In this modern era of data is a very important thing for life. Almost in everyday life you will not be separated from the name of information.

Without any information then you will not know the latest info – info and can not solve various problems. And in the absence of any data sought before then there will be no such thing as information and solutions for everyday problems. But it is unfortunate in reality many people do not understand the function and how important data for life today.

And in this opportunity we will discuss more deeply about the definition or understanding of a data, functions and various types of data we usually meet daily. The term data is not only found in computer only, but almost in all aspects of life such as research, education, social and others. Immediately a more complete review of the definition of data can you see below:

Understanding Data

 Understanding the data is

Basically the data is a collection of information or information – a description of a thing obtained through observation or search to source – specific sources. The data obtained can be an assumption or fact because it has not been further processed. Once processed through research or experimentation then a data can be a more complex form such as a database, information or even a solution to a particular problem.

In terms of the word "data" derived from the word "datum" which in Roman is defined as something which are given. Therefore the actual definition of the data is given instead of giving, because if it gives then the data has become standard information and recognized the truth. The term data is more commonly found in the field of computers or within the scope of a study.

In the field of your computer must be familiar with the name database or data processing software. While in the scope of research, it has become mandatory that every researcher must first look for data by making observations (observations) before further study and finally obtained research results. It is also often encountered in the field of education such as the making of journals or theses.

Data Functions

 data function

Having understood the definition of data it is obviously seen the function of the data itself. Perhaps more data terms are heard in the field of computers or research but basically in almost every aspect of your life requires the so-called data. For the researchers a data used as the main foundation in his research. In the use the computer field also almost always involves a data which is then processed to solve the problem.

By looking at the above it can be concluded that a data function to make the best decision in solving the problem, can be made as a basis a planning or research, serve as a reference in every implementation of an activity and the last data can also be used as an evaluation material. A data can be likened to the basis of planning or history of all actions that have been done. This is why almost every aspect of life involves a data.

Types of Data

 The types of data and data functions are

Since it is almost present in all aspects of life it is not surprising that a data can be grouped into several types. There are many parameters of data groupings but most may be grouped by their nature, based on the source or where the data originated, based on the time taken and many more.

1. Based on the source

Earlier it was discussed that a data was obtained from different ways of obtaining. Differences in these sources can also group data into several types, namely primary and secondary data.

  • Primary data or this original data was obtained from certain sources obtained by the research object.
  • Secondary data or data additions usually obtained from earlier sources such as books, journals and others.

2. Based on its properties

A data can also be distinguished by its qualitative and quantitative data. These two types of data are also frequently used in various research opportunities previously undertaken.

  • Qualitative data is commonly found in the form of verbal statements, drawings or even symbols.
  • Quantitative data refers more to statements fairly or number.

3. Based on the time of its taking

Furthermore a data can also be grouped by time of collection or collection. There is a type of data collected periodically and cross section data.

  • This periodic data can be found in population surveys, population needs data in the past year.
  • Data cross section or data collected at the time such as student test results obtained after the exam is done.

Actually if discussed more deeply there are still many parameters – grouping parameters of data such as based on the order, the ratio and many more but the above three parameters are often encountered in the community.

After reading the article about the understanding of the data we made above can be concluded that a data is nowadays has become a basic requirement for the community. But unfortunately in reality there are still many people – people who lack understanding of the definition of a data or just understand but trying to abuse the use of data. Therefore we expect the reader to be aware of this and can utilize the data obtained to the fullest.


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