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Understanding CSS and the Functions and How it Works CSS (Complete)

Responding to the progress and growing era of information surely will not be endless. One form of information progress in this modern era is the increasing popularity of the website . When you are browsing on the internet you will find a variety of templates that vary widely from each web page that was opened, as if – there will be endless innovation and variety of website display.

In addition to the content, sometimes the form of display on the website is also influential quite large in the SEO system ( Search Engine Optimization ). Two things that play the most important role of a website's look are HTML and CSS. Almost on all pages will definitely encounter these two elements.

For the usage of HTML we think there is no doubt about being a container of the website, but there are still many who are less familiar with the CSS. This is not surprising because CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) has its own distinct role to beautify the look of the website. And on this occasion we will discuss more about the definition of CSS, you can directly listen to the review below:

Understanding CSS

 Understanding CSS is

The first thing you should know is a website built above an HTML, where this HTML is composed of code or script created by a programmer with a specific purpose. An HTML here has a limited capability in terms of aesthetics or the beauty of a web page, and this is where CSS is important. Basically CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is also the same as HTML, PHP or Javascript which is a programming language created to support the function of the website, but each – they have different portions or tasks.

In CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets) The language or instructions provided are more directed to the design or style of the website pages you create. In terms of laying the script can also be in 2 ways that is made into one with the HTML main page (ber. Extension) .html or created a special file (ber. Extension. Css). But in the world of web developers more often put the CSS file separately to save the size and vocabulary of the CSS language itself is also quite extensive.

Design of the intended view of this CSS is covering many things, ranging from font (text), background ( background), page margins, spacing (distance), button (button), layout (grid system) and much more. In order to support the look of a beautiful and classy website a web programmer should pay attention to all these aspects. In general CSS files stored in one server there is only one but includes all pages to be more effective and usually also named style.css.

Over time, this CSS was originally only used to design HTML and XHTML manifold pages only but can now be used for XML documents even up to Android programming. The presence of CSS is increasingly becoming a major requirement for web programmers considering the growing number of websites that have dynamic and responsive appearance in all devices.

CSS function

 CSS function

The function of the existence of CSS files in every website we think it's pretty important. Previously also been discussed that with the CSS you can distinguish the content or style with the document or file the website itself. You could say one of the benchmarks of the quality of the website page created is of the style used, and here CSS plays a very vital role.

Another advantage of using CSS files is that it can be made into a library style that can be used again at any time , depending on your creation to create a form of display between websites that are not made the same. In addition, with the CSS of a web programmer is also given the freedom to innovate and be as beautiful as possible because there are no limitations – the limitation of the use of CSS code itself.

How it Works CSS

 the workings of CSS

learning HTML, PHP or Javascript which has its own formula or method in CSS how to write code is arguably easiest. A programmer just needs to add insight into instructions or commands to design the web thoroughly. In CSS you only need to write a stylenya which consists of selector id and class. For example if you focus on background or background you can set the use of solid color or image as background, and setting the size to fixed or according to the original size and so on.

If writing CSS code into one with HTML file then usually can be written in Head section, unlike the Javascript file that is placed on the Body in the last section. Whereas if writing CSS files on separate pages then there is no specific benchmark, but please note on documents that use CSS must have instructions for calling CSS files and their classes

To know the various code or script from CSS you can search on the internet either intact or in the form of tutorial one by one. Depending on yourself it is more appropriate to use what method in learning.

Currently there are many complete CSS learning packages such as W3School with a comprehensive website discussion as well as Bootstrap which is currently also quite trending. Inside this Bootstrap you can find automated scripts for Front End Website (website design / view) includes HTML, CSS and Javascript specifically Bootstrap users.

That's what CSS and CSS functions and how you need to know. With the help of CSS, we can make the look of the website that we make becomes more cool and interesting. In addition, the existence of this CSS does not make loading your website becomes heavy. Hopefully the explanation of CSS is useful and easy to understand.


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