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Understanding Computerization and Benefits Computerization (Complete)

The rapid development of technology also led to an era called the era of computerization. The desire to complete a job more quickly, effectively and accurately became the main driver of technological development, especially in computer field .

It can not be denied in all fields of industry, commerce and government and others almost already using the computer in most of its activities. This is called computerization. Therefore, an understanding of computerization must exist in every element of society, both workers and students.

In this article will reveal and explain in detail about the definition of computerization and its benefits and also the difference between computers and computerization. By understanding the above terms we hope that readers can also implement or even make their own computerized system suitable for home, work, school and others. Immediately a more complete explanation of the meaning of computerization and its benefits can you see below:

Understanding Computerization

 understanding computerization

The first thing we have to do is understand the definition or understanding of computerization. Before the computer, we do the job or data processing manually. This is considered too slow and less effective to boost targets and service quality. This is the main factor the emergence of the era of computerization that is considered more facilitate every job.

Currently almost all areas of work have been using computerized systems as a solution to simplify and improve the quality of work. It also needs human resources with a high understanding, especially in terms of utilization or to develop a computerized system that has been applied before.

It is never out of computerization is the computer itself. The definition of a computer is a device or electronic device used to process data more quickly and accurately. While the sense of computerization is a change in the mechanism of data processing which previously still be manual to be completely automated because it uses computer media . The function of computers as human aids can indeed facilitate and increase the effectiveness in every work if accompanied by sufficient knowledge in its use.

Benefits of Computerization

 Benefits of Computerization

It is quite clear actually the benefits of the application of computerization to replace all manual activities that are more effective and give accurate ability in every work done. An example of the application of computerized benefits in industry is the use of payroll systems for payroll employees in accordance with attendance and performance for one month. This certainly facilitates the performance of managers and HRD in determining the remuneration of all employees because it is regulated by the system .

In the field of government or state agencies have also implemented a computerized system in all its work. For example when conducting a population survey the data obtained from all regions in Indonesia is collected and calculated through a computerized process so as to be more accurate and efficient. The collected data can also be stored and grouped as archives according to the year. In the outline we can conclude that the benefits of using computerization for all areas are as follows:

  • Ease in processing data and then utilized to solve all existing problems
  • In addition to more effective and efficient use of computerization is also more accurate especially in terms of calculations either logically or mathematically.
  • In addition in terms of convenience data can also be obtained in terms of financial management that is prone to errors either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • After the data obtained is processed further to solve the problems there and then stored into a separate database. This archiving process is also the most important and will be more effective if it utilizes computerization as well.
  • Monitoring of all conditions is also easier if using a computerized system by utilizing manual or periodical enhancements or inputs.
  • Although it requires considerable cost but the gains are also increased due to the efficiency of the work and the high degree of accuracy, thus minimizing all the errors.

Computer and Computerized Differences

 Difference in Computing and Computerization

Having read the above reviews it should be clear enough about the difference in computers and computerization. The two terms are indeed attached to each other. Computerization is derived from the basic word of the computer which is an electronic-based technology device used to process data, while the definition of computerization is a change in the system that initially manually becomes automatic.

This change requires a device called the computer as an absolute requirement to do data processing automatically. So it can be concluded that computerization is a system change to do the job automatically and faster while the computer is one component or device needed. Without a computer, of course, an applied system can not be called computerization.

Despite having a more effective, efficient and accurate advantage but keep in mind also that the use of computerization should also be limited. Often a job is more effective if done manually by utilizing human labor. Excessive use of computers may be a lot of positive impacts but also can have a negative impact when all the work does not use the element of humanity at all.

Therefore after reading the article article on understanding computerization and the benefits above, the author expects that the utilization of computerization can be more optimal and under control. With a more understanding of course you will understand the definition of computerization, its benefits and the difference computer with computerization and for the next can be implemented in each environment according to its field


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