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Understanding Communication With Functions and Elements of Communication

In all areas of life will require the help and support of others. With the existence of social life will make it easier to do social network well. A social life will make a good experience and will improve the inter-human relationship. With social life, the process of getting to know others will become easier. How to exchange greetings will be easy to do every day. In many ways we can express our opinions to others.

Social life will not be separated from the collection of various individuals who become the community. With the existence of social life will facilitate us in doing various activities that involve many people. With various ways and processes can be reached by anything. many ways that can be done to support social life into a better life and increase the sense of brotherhood between people. Activities carried out jointly will increase the sense of brotherhood is high among mankind. With the various facilities to strengthen the sense of brotherhood must be balanced with good communication.

Social life is not only done in a small community environment. relationships to establish a relationship can also be called with social life. With the various ways and methods for social life, there will be many people who can be friends or relatives in this life. The existence of various ways to make a human being has many options that can be selected in accordance with the desires and abilities. Explanation of the definition of communication and the functions and elements of communication can you see below:

Understanding Communication

 understanding of communication and communication functions

Communication is a way that is done between individuals to other individuals to convey information . Various information can be disseminated in various ways. Communication can be done in one direction or two way. Various media can support the communication well. Communication is not just aimed at others. But communication can also be addressed to oneself. With good communication with everyone, will reduce the occurrence of disputes due to differences of opinion about a matter.

Communication can be done in various ways. Communication must be carried out consistently and awake so that the brotherhood and information to be conveyed becomes well conveyed without any disputes. There are many ways to communicate in different areas of life. With the increase of communication will make life more closely and mutual respect becomes more increased.

With good communication and in line will increase comfort in communicating with anyone. Regardless of who is invited to communicate, everyone can be a target to communicate well. The existence of various ways and media will make the communication becomes easier and without distance. Even in different times, communication can still be done well. This is because good communication can be supported by sufficient technology

 disputes on the telephone

Disputes when communicating

Not infrequently there are many disputes over differences of opinion on a topic of conversation to cause a dispute. Disputes that occur only because of misunderstandings in digesting what is communicated. This is because the communication is a bad communication.

Why is that? Communication will not be effective if both parties are in a position of emotion and unstable physical condition. Someone will be easy to express his emotions if it is not in accordance with his wishes. This could be the cause of an unfavorable communication.

The Communication function

 The communication function is

Communication has many functions that can indirectly express all our feelings. Many of the actual communication functions we are not aware of. Here are some communication functions:

1. Expressing feelings

Given a communication, it will represent our feelings. Communicating the same thing by expressing feelings. When we have something to convey to others, we must communicate with the person concerned. This is intended for the purpose of the feeling that we are buried immediately conveyed well to the person. That way, the feelings that prop in our hearts will feel relieved because it has been communicated with the person concerned.

2. Convey information

Communication can be used as a medium to convey information to others who do not know the information. With communication, others will find out new information and gain new insights. That way, we already do or mnegetahui one of the communication function is to convey information. The existence of communication can be material or media to convey any information that is useful to others.

3. Knowing yourself

Communication is also important to do with yourself. With communication to ourselves, we will better understand how we are, our feelings and our anger. All things about ourselves are only we who know. But it does not rule out that you have to communicate with yourself to know how you really are.

4. Entertain other people or self

With the communication can be a means to entertain others. Communication made through jokes and laughter can entertain others. So with the communication is very important because it can be used to entertain others.

5. Adding insight and knowledge

Communication can also be used for the means of adding insight and knowledge. It is not uncommon that inadvertent or planned communication can generate a new insight that you may not yet get

6. Maintaining good relationships with others

Good communication can enhance brotherly relationships with others. Good relations can be maintained with good communication between mankind. This is because the more often a person communicates, the person will feel closer to the person and eventually the relationship will stay awake.

Elements of Communication

In communicating communication turns out to have various elements. This communication element can make a communication more effective. Here are the communication elements you should know:

1. Message

In a communication there should be a message what to say. This is because the direction of communication that will run can be directed and produce something useful. And there is a well-conveyed message.

2. Communicator (The person who delivered the message)

In communication, there must be someone who becomes a communicant or someone who conveys a message. When no one conveys a message, it can not be said to be a communication.

3. Media communications

All communication is done will use different communication media. Many communication media that can support the communication well. Today, technological advancements allow communication media to be more accessible, such as smartphones

4. Communicant (Target audience of people who listen to communication)

In a communication there must also be someone who listens to communication. Although only communicating with yourself, there must be a target that becomes a communicant.

5. Feedback

In every communication, it would be expected the feedback from the recipient of information or communicant. So with the feedback, the communication is still running smoothly.

That is the discussion about the notion of communication that is rarely known by many people. Communication is very important to do because by communicating, we can understand the feelings of others and understand what they mean. Therefore it is very important to keep the communication running well and sepemahaman.


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