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Understanding CodeIgniter Is: Uses, Strengths & Weaknesses

Definition of CodeIgniter

Definition of Codeigniter is a framework created based on the design formula or design pattern with the model v iew controller or which also commonly referred to as MVC.

Design pattern itself is a set of explanations in which contains various methods to solve common problems that are usually found when doing software design process or software .

Design pattern also is an indication of the steps that need to be taken to resolve these problems relating to software design . Meanwhile, MVC is an approach method that functions to separate an application into 3, namely:

 understanding of codeigniter

1. Model

The model is used to present data that will be used by the application. Examples of such data such as database RSS, and data obtained through an API call. In addition, the model can also be obtained through an action that involves several operational tasks, such as Update, Create, and Deleter data.

2. View

View is a view that will be displayed by users through a browser. The display will usually take the form of HTML files as well as various PHP codes that play a role in preparing templates for a website . In codeigniter, the view can be in the form of parts in a page, template, or also other types originating from the page or template.

3. Controller

Controller is a business logic which acts as a bridge between the view and the model. The task of the controller is to respond to requests coming from HTTP from the user when typing in a browser search. From this request the controller will determine what should be done later. If it is needed, the controller will call the model so that it can process the data.

Next, the controller will start calling the view based on the inputted data so that it can display results that match what is intended. In the end, the controller will return and bring it back in the browser so that users can get what they want.

It should also be understood that codeigniter is a program developed by Rick Ellis who debuted on February 28, 2006. Until now it has been circulating a lot various versions of codeigniter that will continue to grow with various additions and enhancements that are better than the previous version. The latest version of codeigniter which currently appears is version 2.2.

This codeigniter is also a framework which is open source which is usually used in the PHP programming language. Codeigniter is equipped with various features that make it different compared to other frameworks.

Use of CodeIgniter

 Understanding CodeIgniter and Uses

What are the uses of codeigniter? Below we will provide information about the functions of codeigniter that need to be understood, especially those of you who are focused on studying this one framework.

  • Codeigniter is a framework that will help us in making a website. So, codeigniter will make it easier to create a website and will not take up too much time.
  • Codeigniter is used to produce a neater programming structure when compared with the use of the framework . The neatness can be seen from the side of the code as well as the PHP file structure.
  • Codeigniter also functions in providing a coding standard. This will facilitate us when we want to review the application system that is being built or has been built.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CodeIgniter

 understanding codeigniter

What are the advantages and disadvantages of codeigniter? In the following we will explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of codeigniter.

1. Advantages of CodeIgniter

Codeigniter has advantages like the one below:

  • Has a very small size where the downloaded file will not exceed 2 MB. Even that includes the documentation and although the size is small but the file is very complete.
  • Has good documentation. When you download it, you already have the documentation which contains the introduction, how to use, tutorials, as well as various references related to documentation regarding its components.
  • Has compatibility or compatibility with hosting. Codeigniter can work well for almost all hosting platforms.
  • Codeigniter does not have strict coding rules . For those of you who want to use codeigniter without a view, or not using a model, you can even use it without both. However, using all three is the best choice.
  • Codeigniter has few configurations. For configurations that are owned by codeigniter in the application folder. For those of you who want to use Codeigniter, then you don't have to do any settings or configurations and still be running.
  • Codeigniter has good performance. It can be said that codeigniter is the fastest framework compared to other frameworks.
  • Codeigniter is also a framework that supports a variety of general databases that we may already know often, such as MySQL .
  • Codeigniter also easy to connect or integrate. Codeigniter has understood about the development of various libraries until now. Codeigniter will make it easy for you to be able to integrate various libraries that have existed until now.

2. Shortcomings of CodeIgniter

Some of the deficiencies possessed by Codeigniter are as follows:

  • Codeigniter is a framework that is not designed to create large-scale websites.
  • Although it can be integrated with various libraries, the library is it is still limited. The reason is because it is not easy to find additional plugins that have been officially verified.
  • There is still no editor specifically for Codeigniter so that when create a project as well as other modules must move between folders. [19659042] That is the understanding of CodeIgniter along with examples, advantages and disadvantages of CodeIgniter you need to know.


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