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Understanding Cloud Storage With Functions & How It Works (Complete)

The growing times are also increasingly pushing the emergence of new trends in the world of technology and information. One of them is the existence of technology Cloud Computing or cloud computing that is able to grow rapidly and widely used today.

One of the most frequently used cloud computing fields is the storage media or commonly known as Cloud Storage. If people usually use storage media in the form of hardware that must be taken anywhere, but with the cloud storage then the storage media can be cloud-based software that can be used anytime and anywhere.

With this advantage of course everyone will consider using cloud storage as a storage solution – important files. But in reality there are still many people who lack understanding of the definition of this cloud storage. Therefore in this article the author will review more thoroughly about the definition or understanding of cloud storage along with the function and how it works. Immediately the full review you can see below:

Cloud Storage

 understanding of cloud storage is

Before we discuss further about cloud storage we first understand the definition of cloud (cloud) and storage it own. Cloud is a new technology that utilizes cloud or internet as a media server or control center against software – software that you use. While storage is a storage medium such as harddisk on the computer and flash with a smaller form.

Although the use of flash is currently considered efficient and easy to carry anywhere but sometimes we forget or lose data and even the flash itself, that's what one of the factors developing the use of cloud storage

By looking at the definition of the two words above it can be concluded that cloud storage is a data storage medium that utilizes cloud or internet technology so that we only need gadgets and internet connection to can operate it. By looking at the trend of the Internet that is currently very developed of course not difficult to get a connection anywhere and anytime. Almost every side of the house must use Wi-Fi or at least use the internet in their respective handphones.

By using cloud storage you can upload files to save and download if you want to use again. But unfortunately in terms of privacy is still little doubt unless you use the paid version. In addition, the use of an unstable internet connection can also be another disadvantage of cloud storage

Cloud Storage function

 what is cloud storage and cloud stoage function

Having understood the true definition of cloud storage we will now find out function of cloud storage itself. Actually after understanding the understanding of cloud storage you must also understand its main function, namely as an internet-based storage media that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Examples of cloud storage applications are Google Drive and Dropbox that must have been quite familiar . Actually there are many other examples of applications but two applications that are the easiest and often used so that you also more easily understand.

Often we also see a link or download link that utilizes Google Drive and can we download without having to login. That means with cloud storage you can also share or share certain files that are usually linked to the website or also shared directly to the link. In addition to files you can also menshare certain folders to the public. But still must be considered which files should be shared or not so that our privacy can be maintained.

In addition, by utilizing cloud storage you can also handle the work with multi platform. That means you can access files stored in cloud storage not only on home computers but also in all media and of course must use internet connection. There is a special setting in the cloud storage so that in addition to shared you can also make changes in the files stored without having to be downloaded. Thus the work you store in cloud storage can be more quickly completed

How Cloud Storage Works

 the way cloud storage works

Image by: CBLDataRecovery.com

An application that uses cloud storage using the internet as a server so you do not have to worry about missing data. Even if at any time the server is down (inaccessible) your data will be maintained.

Most applications in cloud storage also do not need to install because it is installed on the internet media, for example Google Drive. You just need to set up an internet connection and create an account to use Google Drive. As we know that Google Drive is brought by one of the big companies ie Google Inc then that acts as a server is Google's own party.

In terms of capacity determination in cloud storage also vary. If you want a large space available then usually you have to register the paid version. In terms of security is also more secure if you use the paid version. Please note because server is handled by the application provider company then of course they can also access all your data. Usually this can be tricked by using a paid version to increase privacy or enable mode protection on all your files.

That is the discussion this time about understanding cloud storage and its functions and how it works. Noteworthy is that although it offers ease and secure security you have to stay careful and wise in using cloud storage. Given one of the most valuable things today is data then in keeping the files you have to remain cautious and understand the workings of each technology facility.


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