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Understanding Arguments Are: Structure, Characteristics & Examples

Definition of Argumentation

Do you know what the definition of Argumentation is? The word argumentation is often heard in daily life, moreover when debating in a competition, surely the emcee will invite both groups to present their arguments related to the theme presented.

Definition of argumentation in general, which is an action or process reasoning is done in a systematic way to be able to support an idea, theory, action, with the aim that is to be able to convince or influence others.

Other opinions have also raised the meaning of the argumentation which is a reason to be able to strengthen or reject an establishment, opinions, or ideas with the aim of being able to convince or persuade others.

When submitting an argument it is usually accompanied by evidence, explanation, reason, and also an objective review followed by analogies, examples and also causation. [19659003] The term from the word argumentation also taken from English, namely yak Argumentation ’, which has a meaning that is proof, description and proposition. Thus the notion of argumentation can also be defined as an attempt to convince other people by presenting statements, opinions, attitudes, which have been supported by true facts.

Understanding Arguments According to Experts

 Understanding Arguments are

The definition of argumentation according to some experts, which with this understanding can make you better understand what is meant by the word argumentation. The following understanding of the argumentation according to some experts:

1. According to Aceng Hasani

An expert named Aceng Hasani argues that the understanding of the argumentation is an essay that can try to influence others by showing evidence that can strengthen an opinion or argument.

Where the presentation has also been done with logical and factual ways that aim at the reader and listener will be interested in what has been conveyed by the author.

2. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary

In his statement, the Big Indonesian Dictionary believes that the notion of an argument is a reason that can be used to support or reject an idea and also the opinions of others followed by objective and rational reasons.

3 According to Gorys Keraf

An expert named Gorys Keraf argues that the understanding of argumentation is that it is a rhetoric that can influence the attitudes and opinions of others, so that they can trust and can act according to anything what is desired from the speaker and writer.

From argumentation, a person also sequences facts in such a way, so that he can show whether an opinion or a certain thing is true or not.

4. According to Adeng Chaedar Alwasilah

An expert named Adeng Chaedar Alwasilah argues that the definition of argumentation is an essay which has the aim of being able to prove both truth and untruth in a statement.

Structure of Argumentation Arguments

]  Definition of Argumentation and Its Structure

Similar to other texts, the Argumentation text also has a structure. And seen through the outline, the argumentation text or argument paragraph has three main structures. These three structures must be had from an argumentative text .

These three structures are preliminary, body of arguments and conclusions. Having three main structures in the argument text does not mean that the text has only 3 paragraphs. Argument text can be filled with several paragraphs.

Some of the arguments text paragraphs can contain an introduction, and several other paragraphs can contain the body of argument, and so can some paragraphs that can contain conclusions.

The first structure of the argument text that is the introduction. This introduction can contain arguments that will show or convey a basis for an argument that an author wants to convey.

The introduction can also be made very interesting, in order to attract readers. Normally, you must impress the reader from the initial sentence that you are writing about.


The second main structure of the argument text is the body of the argument. In the body of this argument contains content that focuses on efforts to be able to prove the ideas or opinions that have been written in the introduction.

The writing can be in the form of compilation of facts, logical thinking and experimentation. So, it is hoped that later a correct conclusion can be reached.

The final structure of the argumentation text is the conclusion part or it can also be called a summary. The purpose of this conclusions section is to show to all readers that the ideas that have been given will be in accordance with the truth.

The writing in this conclusion section is also conveyed with a process of reasoning that can be accepted into something logical. This section also covers the entire contents of a reading and argumentation text that can be given from all its parts.

Characteristics of Argumentation Texts

 Definition of Arguments and Characteristics

Each text or reading has its own special characteristics. The same goes for the Argument text. The characteristics of this text can be seen from the reading which contains many ideas, ideas and opinions of an author.

The text is also followed by a very logical reason, and data and real evidence. The purpose of using logical reasons, data and tangible evidence is to be used to lead the reader to be able to trust the writings that have been made by the author.

From the text of the argument there are several distinct characteristics, with these characteristics You can quickly recognize a text into argument type text. The characteristics are 4 numbers. And the following are the characteristics of the argumentation text.

  1. The contents of the text contain an opinion, ideas, ideas and views from an author.
  2. And that opinion is followed by logical reasons, data and concrete evidence.
  3. Text The text has an end that is a conclusion,

Example of Argumentation Text


The current season in Indonesia is the most severe dry season in the last 10 years. And within 6 months, the rain will no longer fall. That causes the water source and also the soil to become dry. BMKG believes that it can be reported this year that rain will fall at the beginning of next month.

And if that happens, then it is certain that the phenomenon of the dry season this year is not dry. because the cal occurred for 7 months. While seen from BMKG data in the past year, drought only occurred within 5 months. That way, many farmers feel disadvantaged because they experience crop failure because there is no water flowing into their rice fields.

Such is the explanation of the definition of argumentation, the characteristics and also an example of the text of the argumentation. Hopefully this article can be useful for you, and also broaden your horizons.


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