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Uncovering People Behind the Success of Google Doodle!

Who doesn't know Google Doodle? Surely you all already know, what is Google Doodle? Yes, Google Doodle is Google logos that are made and modified more interactively and artistically displayed if there are certain warnings or events from each country that supports Google.

Google doodle has actually been held for a long time. According to the information obtained, Google Doodle officially appeared on Google's site in 1998. Originally this doodle was born when Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin played with their company logos to inform Page and Sergey of their presence in Burning Man festival held in the desert of Nevada, United States.

Initially the Doodle product did not have a team, but over time Doodle became a lot of interesting things for users and finally Google Doodle officially had a team in 2009. With animation and images that looks good, do you know the person behind the success of this Google Doodle?

Now, in this article I will inform you all who is behind the success of Google Doodle.

 Ryan Germick

Image: CNBC.com [19659007] The person behind the success of Google Doodle is Ryan Germick. He is usually better known as 'Mick' or 'Grr'. Mick grew up from a family that loved the art world.

Mick was born and raised in the countryside in Indiana. Since childhood, he was very fond of drawing, and if he had drawn it as if he had forgotten something else and kept focusing on the picture. So he can't stop if he is drawing. From the pictures he had made as a child, it was usually his family who enjoyed the works.

Mick also studied design and illustration at Parsons School of Design then he continued his studies at Eugene Lang College located in New York, United States. In addition to gaining knowledge from campus, Mick also diligently explores his design skills on the internet network, which means that Mick also often learns design from the internet.

In the 2000s he created a website to share photos that he took with his camera . The internet is also a field of inspiration in the process of drawing.

And through the internet too, Mick can communicate with many people thanks to his work. From the internet too, Mick thinks that graphic and digital art is a neat blend if put together.

According to Mick, drawing using digital can be done in a simple process and the most important thing is that we must like the field first. Because with us like something, we can do the job well without the slightest burden, so the results will be more satisfying.

The first company Mick applied for was Google. And even more surprising, Mick was received in the big company. At that time Mick began working at the Google company around 2006, he was appointed as a web graphic specialist.

At that time he was in the design section under the auspices of Dennis Hwang, the first Doodle maker who was also known as Doodle's father. Previously Mick still made an icon first.


Image: Gizmodo Australia

The icon he had made and was famous enough was Pegman on Google Map. This icon is shaped like a human illustration and is yellow, and it appears when we use the settings on Google Street View in Google Map .

Thanks to its persistence and tenacity in the design field, Mick is believed to be the head of the Google Doodle team currently based in California. Mick's main task was that he had to coordinate 10 artists and 4 engineers and two producers who coordinated with 100 people around the world.

Mick also had to make sure the process of making Google Doodle could run smoothly.

Become one the main illustrator in Google Doodle, the work he had made and became famous, such as Star Trek, Pacman, Dr. Seuss, Charlie Chaplin and Sesame Street.

The Google Doodle team has produced 400 Doodle each year. There are about 50-100 of which are animated, and other doodles are created with a more interactive concept.

Google Doodle employees often discuss and exchange ideas to decide what events are suitable for Doodle. The idea came from many other Google employees, as well as Google users.

The selection was intended to celebrate birthdays and celebrations that can attract and reflect the personality to Google's love of innovations.

You can also send ideas and suggestions to the Doodle team by sending ideas via email [email protected] . Normally every day the doodle team gets lots of ideas and suggestions from Google users, even the ideas received reach hundreds of ideas and requests.

Yes, although not all the ideas entered were responded to, but the Doodle team made sure all the ideas that came into the email were read by the Doodle team.

 RA kartini

Image: liputan6

Indonesian figures who had been used as Google Doodle, Dewi Sartika. In 2016 Google made Dewi Sartika's doodle to commemorate the 132th anniversary of Dewi Sartika, she is a national hero who became a pioneer of women's education.

The second is Raden Ajeng Kartini, Google has never been absent to commemorate Kartini Day as the Doodle theme is every April 21, he is also known as the pioneer of the revival of indigenous women.

The third is Ki Hajar Dewantara, Google also made Doodle Ki Hajar Dewantara as its 126th birthday in 2015. [19659032]


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