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TUXEDO Computers Is The Latest Linux PC Vendor Eyeing Coreboot


With Linux PC vendors System76 and Purism among those embracing Coreboot for freeing more of the system and appealing to open-source enthusiasts, Linux PC vendor TUXEDO from Germany is also eyeing a similar move.

TUXEDO Computers shared, they are currently hiring a Coreboot developer.

TUXEDO Computers CEO Herbert Feiler explained, “This is about us and the users for independence. Since 2017, we have enabled BIOS-side shutdown of webcams, microphones and wireless technologies. One year later, the individual deactivation of the Intel Management Engine followed. And this year we were able to record the hard disk full encryption in our online shop pre-installed. It was the next logical step to follow up the topic Coreboot BIOS or to take next steps. We had already dealt with Coreboot before, but the final implementation was not yet clear. Now we are looking for a developer so that we can work on the topic within the company and make our laptops etc. even more attractive to customers.

It will be interesting to see where this leads especially with the prospects of Intel open-sourcing their Firmware Support Package (FSP) in the months ahead though the Management Engine (ME) could be a different story and remains a scary mess to some but with the likes of ME_Cleaner can be increasingly soft-disabled.

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