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Tutorial on How to Make Email on HP Edition 2019 [Lengkap+Gambar]

Today, having an email has become a necessity for everyone because there are many things on the internet that can be done with the condition that you must have an email first.

Suppose when you just bought an android cellphone. In order to work normally, you must first add an e-mail account (in this case Gmail) to your Android cellphone.

Not only that, e-mail is also used when you want to create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. There are so many benefits from emails that we can take. Therefore, it is not surprising if everyone is certain to have 1 email account, even some have more than 1 email account.

How to Easily Email on HP

There are many free email services that you can use, one of them is Gmail. Gmail is a Google email service that we can use for free and can be connected in many Google products such as Youtube, Blogger Google Drive, Google Hangouts and so on. Immediately, here are the steps on how to make an email on your cellphone:

1. First, please visit the google account registration page via the following link . After that, choose Create Account> For myself .

 made an email on HP 1

2. After that, fill in the required information such as name, username and password. If it's already (more or less like the picture below), then click Next [1945995].

 made an email on HP 3 3. For account verification needs to make your Google account safer, please enter the active mobile number. After that it is continued by filling in the date and gender. For recovery email (recovery email) may or may not be added, it is optional. After that click Next .

 made an email on HP 4

4. For account verification purposes, Google will send you a 6 digit code via SMS that you must enter. For that, click Send .

 made an email on HP 5

5. Enter the code you received via SMS. After that click Verify .

 made an email on HP 6

6. If you are faced with this page, select Yes I'm in .

 made an email on HP 7

7. This page contains the privacy policy of Google, just scroll down and select I agree . Your Google (Gmail) account was successfully created and ready to use. Click this link if you want to go to your Gmail inbox .

 created an email on HP 8

Adding an Account to the Gmail Application

Sometimes opening a gmail account [browser] a little complicated and seemed inefficient. Therefore, it would be nice to add your google account to the Gmail application so that when you want to open or send an email, just click the Gmail application. The Gmail application is the default application for Android phones, so you don't have to bother installing it. Here's how:

1. Please open the Gmail application on your cellphone.

 made an email on HP 8 B

2. After that, click the profile photo as indicated by the arrow.

 made an email on the HP 8 C

3. To add a google account, choose Add another account .

 made an e-mail on cellphone 9

4. Select Google [1945919].

 made an e-mail on cellphone 10

5. Enter your e-mail address, then click Next .

 made an e-mail on HP 11

6. Enter your e-mail password, click Next again.

 how to make an e-mail on Gmail (1945)

7. Select I agree to approve the policies of Google.

 made e-mail on HP 13

8. If you get a warning like this, please you click warning .

 made an email on HP 14

9. Then click Allow .

 made an e-mail on HP 15 [1945958] </p data-recalc-dims=

10. Now when you want to open or send an email from a google account that you just created earlier, just click the Gmail application, then click Profile.

 how to create an email on an Android cellphone

11. After that select the Gmail account that you want.

 created an email on HP 18

12. If you want to send an e-mail to someone else, please click the + button like the arrow.

 made an e-mail on HP 19

13. Enter the destination email address in the column ( To ) then give the subject (e-mail title) and fill in the e-mail according to your wishes. If so, click the button Send .

 how to make an email on HP


That's a tutorial on how to easily make e-mails on mobile phones, even for beginners. In the tutorial above, I also explained how to add the Gmail account that you made earlier to your cellphone. When there was an incoming email there will be a notification on your cellphone. Hopefully it will be useful and if there are difficulties, don't hesitate to ask through the comment box below.


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